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Bringing Clarity to Complexity

Zyter is a state-of-the-art technology platform that brings intelligence to your existing IT infrastructure. Connect disparate systems, data and devices. Communicate with video, voice, chat and text. Collaborate seamlessly with co-workers and end users. Engage every customer and improve their experience by delivering relevant, context-aware content.

It’s time to unlock the full potential of your data. It’s time for Zyter.

The Ultimate Connectivity and Communication Platform

Zyter’s open architecture and integration hub breaks down silos to deliver a single source of the truth and a 360° view of your enterprise and ecosystem. You can also use Zyter as an IoT enablement platform to make connected devices smarter. But there’s more to Zyter than connectivity. Zyter is also an industry-leading communications and secure messaging platform. The same technology is used by a leading mobile carrier to facilitate the delivery of one trillion SMS text messages annually. Think how you could leverage the power of Zyter with SMS-based campaigns, integrated video, voice, and chat, as well as location-aware broadcasts. The possibilities are endless.

Seamless Collaboration

Zyter provides the foundation for unparalleled collaboration across your enterprise and beyond. Now doctors can collaborate more efficiently with other staff in your health system. You can even roll out virtual care and in-home monitoring solutions branded as your own. Beyond telehealth, Zyter is bringing new levels of productivity to forward-thinking organization in education, government, entertainment and many other industries.

Elevated Engagement

The Zyter connectivity and communication platform provides the foundation for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Engage end users through mobile apps that handle everything from registration to content and navigation. Whether for scheduling, medication tracking or fitness gamification, Zyter is all you need to elevate engagement and the customer experience.

Not Just Secure.
Military-Grade Secure.

At Zyter, security is more than a box to check. It’s the foundation for every solution we offer. The Zyter platform is HIPAA, FedRAMP and FISMA compliant and has Authority to Operate (ATO) at U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities. Device-to-device 256-bit AES encryption comes as standard.

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