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TruCare® Tele

A web-based patient-engagement application that connects healthcare professionals with patients through a secure HIPAA-compliant video channel

How we help

Bridging the geographical and socioeconomic barriers between caregivers and receivers, making video visits easy and convenient

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Intelligent Scheduling

Patients can book audio-video appointments, cancel appointments, reschedule appointments, and view patient telehealth records. In addition, patients can choose from the available open slots and see the booking on their calendars.

Seamless e-Consultations

Workflow rules ensure necessary data is gathered when booking visits, such as the reason for the visit, pre-exam questionnaires, and related images or files. Providers can look up associated patients and providers from within the application and approve any pending activations for new patients that have just registered.

Built-in API

Integrated into our award-winning TruCare® Population Health platform and available headless as an embeddable toolset in any third-party application to provide API-driven workflows.

Make Next-Gen Population Health a part of your care model

Key Value-based Features

What makes TruCare a truly unique and integrated population healthcare solution is our all-in-one platform and the wrap-around features that support every aspect of the tool

TruCare® Tele offers healthcare providers an easy way to manage patients and appointments.

Patient Mobile Application. TruCare® Tele offers consumers a convenient means of scheduling appointments and conducting virtual visits with their providers from the convenience of their homes.

Allows patients and providers to use the device of their choice, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, or personal desktops.

Video visits are accessible from any web browser and do not require either party to download an application.

The end-to-end scheduling engine connects patients to their provider's calendar, making it easy to schedule from virtually anywhere.

Configure self-exam questions to happen on the mobile app before the appointment, ensuring maximum efficiency of the virtual visit.

All patient, booking, and visit data can be viewed and downloaded by the patent and their care team.

Patients can receive emergency messages broadcast by the provider or care facility.

Send appointment confirmations and reminders via email or SMS to reduce patient no-shows.

Connects patients and providers through a secure web-based video chat where they can confer and share documents while the virtual visit is in progress.

Integrates patient electronic medical records to give patients and providers the same context during the virtual visit.

Collaborate with other providers in the context of a specific patient. Share and update patient data from a patient-centered chat console.

View patient data related to the context of the virtual visit using smart, dynamic commands.

No personal data is collected, distributed, or stored, ensuring HIPAA and PHI compliance.

Collaborate is available in any of our Population Health tools to create contextual engagement between the user and the patient or member when handling care management or coordination, medication reviews, home services, authorizations, appeals, and more.

Integrates directly into an electronic health record, where it can submit an order for a new remote device fulfillment, view patient medical data, receive alerts, and manage caseloads efficiently.

Our software functions are offered as workflow-driven and headless APIs that can easily link to your telehealth platform.

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