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Deliver efficient and effective care in the convenience of the patient’s home allowing caregivers to intervene promptly and prevent patient complications by monitoring vital signs and other health metrics through remote data.

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Nextgen Virtual Health for a Value-based System

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Each solution is already integrated into our award-winning TruCare Population Health platform and available as embeddable toolsets in any third-party application. In addition, our solution helps manage caregiver workloads more efficiently, reduces administrative burden, and makes it easy to collaborate with patients.

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TruCare® Tele

A web-based patient-engagement application that connects healthcare professionals with patients through a secure HIPAA-compliant video channel with secure video conferencing, teleconsultation, virtual appointments, real-time collaboration services, healthcare data integration, and facility management solutions bridging the geographical and socioeconomic barriers between caregivers and receivers, making video visits easy and convenient.


TruCare® Sync

A web-based patient-engagement application that connects healthcare professionals with patients digitally and establishes communication continuity with patients to discuss their care plans, assessments, authorization, and more with convenient communication tools and seamless file sharing.


TruCare® Track

TruCare® Track is a module within our Virtual Health suite of products. Track is a complete remote patient monitoring solution with applications for caregivers and patients. Track offers a highly secure and scalable environment for healthcare professionals to use remote tracking information in clinical or home care settings. This application and supporting services provide healthcare professionals with medical device data, events, and alerts. The solution can be used to pass any patient-reported data and set alerts, not just for our covered remote devices but for any healthcare data, such as medication reminders, educational content, and surveys. We offer fulfillment, remote monitoring, and support services for several FDA-cleared healthcare devices in a single, intuitive interface. In addition, providers can view clinical and inactivity alerts generated by patient assessments.

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Zyter|TruCare offers purpose-built technology and services for
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Health Plans (Payers)

Remove the complexity of care management from fee-for-service and value-based models so Members can easily manage their health from anywhere and at any time.

Management Services Organizations (MSO)

Provide technology to risk-bearing organizations to manage their relationships with contracted payers and regulators successfully.

Public Health Organizations (GOV)

Advance health equity for members within your jurisdiction through digital and virtual care services.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery with Innovative Technology and Value-Based Care

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