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TruCare® Care, Case & Disease Management

An integrated care, case, and disease management solution providing a timely, seamless flow of actionable information between case, care, and disease managers and your providers, members, caregivers, and partners.

20+ Years

of deep clinical experience and human-centered

Award Winning

next-generation population health management solution


with NCQA standards and
your financial outcomes

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TruCare's comprehensive
dashboard centralizes
member and patient
information, including:

Multi-disciplinary teams can ensure appropriate access to services, promote health and wellness, and provide an integrated care approach for chronic and disease management.

Key Value-based Features

What makes TruCare a truly unique and integrated population healthcare solution is our all-in-one platform and the wrap-around features that support every aspect of the tool

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Complete FHIR-sported data model to track all the clinical and nonclinical aspects of an individual and their healthcare needs.

Stratify members based on diagnoses and parameters like claims, case history, and authorizations. Rules identify patients/populations and drive actions.

Use captured risk scores, gaps in care, socioeconomic risks, etc., to recognize and trigger timely disease management actions.

Auto-enroll members in cases and programs based on individual assessment responses or integrated authorization data.

Drive care plans from the available 340+ unique and customizable assessments.

Auto-generate care plans based on assessment responses and present individualized care plans and educational content based on clinical evidence.

Auto-trigger next-best actions to address member problems and overcome barriers to care using meaningful next steps.

Schedule appointments with auto-identified coaches and care managers who best suit member preferences, locations, languages, and conditions.

Auto-assign tasks and readily view required next steps in order of priority through a single, shared platform.

Identify members for follow-up care by leveraging referral channels or integrated utilization data.

Configure and auto-generate template-driven letters and structured notes to meet organization requirements.

Identify health conditions across specific member populations and opportunities to re-engage members.

Efficiently exchange and unite data with other systems, including your chosen utilization management system, TruCare® Utilization Management, claims, pharmacy, lab, predictive modeling, electronic health records, etc.

Standard and ad hoc reports for member and population management, user activity, metrics, audit, and compliance monitoring.

Make Next-Gen Population Health a part of your care model

Promoting healthier outcomes through collaboration, automation and personalization

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Multidisciplinary workflow engine in a single platform

All Care Team participants have access to plans of care and their related data. Any team member can document problems, goals, interventions, and outcomes to ensure they work collaboratively on a single, integrated care plan via auto-routed tasks and individual assignments throughout the patient journey. In addition, care teams can collaborate directly with patients using TruCare's assessment tools, integrated care plans, and automated follow-ups.

Automating the proper interventions

Our powerful automation engine scans all integrated data to identify at-risk members based on custom parameters ensuring that referrals, next-best actions, and condition-based tasks trigger automatically. Using our rules-based automation, care managers can establish guidelines, create logical next-process steps, and ensure members receive the most appropriate care or auto-generate custom care plans, problems, goals, and interventions intelligently, making users more productive.

Personalized engagement throughout the health journey

Care managers can easily design and deploy personalized, end-to-end disease management programs and content from identification through stratification, referral, assessment, care planning, intervention, monitoring, and case closure. They can help members work toward meaningful goals - tailored to their specific needs - while being mindful of the individual's unique social determinants of health.

TruCare® GuidedCare

Informed by MCG Disease Management, GuidedCare helps care managers stay abreast of the most recent evidence-based clinical content that are usable directly out-of-the-box or can be copied and tailored to meet specific requirements

Over 300 Unique Assessments

Care managers can select from and automatically gather member responses and generate care plans

Over 45 Individual Care Plans

Diagnosis-specific and condition-oriented, these plans are connected to relevant problems, goals, interventions, barriers to care, and related educational content

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TruCare® Reporting

Deep analytics to efficiently run your population health business operations through a library of standard and configurable ad hoc reports.

Reduced Dependency on IT

Designed for non-technical users who need on-demand access to generate new reports or make changes to existing ones that can be scheduled and automatically distributed

Real-time Data Extraction

Real-time care management, utilization, and operational data to identify actionable activities in easy-to-understand dashboards and exportable files. Users can view user activity and balance workloads, monitor performance metrics, view audit trails, and examine compliance and outcomes reporting

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Build Care Plans Quickly and Easily

Our tools offer condition-specific components on how to manage care and education for an individual, including detailed information on:


including their definition and standard treatment

Self-care Elements

including daily monitoring, diet and medication

Signs of Complications

Help & Assistance

including when and where to get it

Interoperability and Integrations

The TruCare platform is highly extensible, enabling integration with other systems and importing data from multiple sources, including the member, provider, claims data, and other sources. Our interoperability ensures care teams have up-to-date, 360-degree data at their fingertips.

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