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TruCare® Track

A complete remote patient monitoring solution with applications for caregivers and patients, Track offers a highly secure and scalable environment for healthcare professionals to use remote tracking information in clinical or home care settings

How we help

Fulfillment, remote monitoring, and support services for several FDA-cleared healthcare devices in a single, intuitive interface

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Medical Device Connections

Our patient mobile app automatically connects to an assigned medical device fulfilled by us and provides the seamless transmission of device readings to the care provider app through LTE connectivity. All physiological patient data, alerts, and notifications from each patient's remote patient monitoring devices and assessments integrate directly into the dashboard for clinical review.

Care Pathway Templates

Patients are automatically assigned tasks, such as device readings and assessments, at the time of registration based on the care pathway template setup. Physicians can also configure alerts for custom parameters of device readings for individual patients. They can also set up customized monitoring plan templates.

Make Next-Gen Population Health a part of your care model

Key Value-based Features

What makes TruCare a truly unique and integrated population healthcare solution is our all-in-one platform and the wrap-around features that support every aspect of the tool

Patients get ordered devices sent to their homes, ready to go out of the box, and a Teleed tablet for monitoring, or they can use their smartphones. 

Our devices have in-built connectivity and directly transmit data to the care team.

Our devices pair with our application using Bluetooth wireless on the patient's smartphone or device.

Our gamification features motivate users to maintain progress and adhere to their care plan.

Our caregiver dashboard enables the monitoring of multiple patients, including physiological data, alerts, notifications, assessments, and out-of-range readings.

Care team members can view data trends, review alerts, call the patient, add notes from the patient's profile, and make changes to the patient's monitoring plan by adding, removing, or editing tasks.

Care team members can configure care pathways for each diagnosis, including tasks for scheduled assessments, educational content, video visits, and medication adherence that dynamically adjust to changes in device readings.

Standard reports include enrollment, CPT code tracking, billing at the enterprise level, - and vitals, clinical summaries, and progress patient-level.

Track is integrated with multiple Electronic Multiple records to provide bi-directional communication via HL7 and FHIR standards.

We support patients via email or phone from our support command center through phone, email, and chat.

Track is integrated into our Population Health tools to create contextual engagement between the user and the patient or member when handling care management or coordination, medication reviews, home services, authorizations, appeals, and more.

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