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TruCare® Home & Community Services

Helping care coordinators, nurses, and agency providers help individuals in need with our workflow-driven, configurable Long-term Support and Services solution

How we help

Our Home and Community Services solution facilitates coordinating Medicaid and Medicare waiver programs dictated by Federal and State guidelines under Home and Community-Based Services 1915(c).

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Improve Quality of Life

We help ensure our customers meet the needs of their customers in their homes or communities where they can maintain their independence and dignity and improve their quality of life outside of an institutional setting.

Patient-Driven Care Plan

Our automated workflows enable a care team to develop a patient-driven care plan that allows for state-specific configuration based on evolving program needs.

Facilitated Services

Services we facilitate include assistance with daily living tasks, such as personal care, meal preparation, household tasks, and more. As a result, our solution streamlines communications, expedites processing, and produces higher participant satisfaction, better program outcomes, and efficient tracking of services.

Make Next-Gen Population Health a part of your care model

Features Include

What makes TruCare a truly unique and integrated population healthcare solution is our all-in-one platform and the wrap-around features that support every aspect of the tool

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Track member current and historical home and community services program enrollments in one place, including the enrollment dates, closure, funding source, and state classification.

Record, review, and determine the right service provider, number of service days, type, and number of services, and manage the costs so each member can reach their goals and stay out of long-term care facilities.

Develop individual service plans for each member's current needs and goals, along with a forward-looking collection of services, care, and other actions they need to achieve their goals and stay safe in their home.

Auto-trigger home and community service-based specialty assessments inside any workflow or as required to reduce response times and ensure consistency in your operations.

Auto-trigger-specific home and community service tasks during enrollment, updating, unenrollment, and voiding of a Home and Community Services program, assignable to the submitting user, a queue, or a team.

Configure one-to-many custom care teams for sharing tasks, care plans, assessments, and service request responsibilities with a group or queue, allowing all members to view, access, update, and review them as needed.

Configure structured notes to meet organization or program requirements and generate accurate, comprehensive, and relevant template-driven letters for internal and external audiences.

Generate member-specific PDFs for the care team to review and sign, including their demographic, contact, enrollment, medication, care, authorization, and service request information, as well as any case notes.

Our integration with FindHelp allows the team direct access to local programs within our software suite. establish a seamless and streamlined healthcare system through the development of enhanced assessments, care plans, community support identification, behavioral and medical health integration, and other crucial programs.

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