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Success Services

94% success record as rated by our customers for on-time, on-budget, and predictable delivery. Zyter|TruCare implementation services are available before, during, and after your software goes live. We partner with you upfront – before implementation begins – to ensure we understand your strategic vision and align on deliverables, cost, timeline, and the engagement model

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Our Success Consulting services comprise several complementary disciplines

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Medication Reconciliation

Medication Therapy Management

Medication Adherence Monitoring

Drug Utilization Review

Program Management Consulting

Zyter|TruCare offers expert Program Management Consulting to ensure successful project completion. Our seasoned professionals oversee projects, drive organizational change, and deliver on-time, on-budget results with high customer satisfaction. From project scope to risk mitigation, our dedicated PMs provide guidance, maintain schedules, and manage implementation for optimal outcomes

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Key Value-based Features

Our PMs can review and evaluate a project or your entire project portfolio and identify any risk mitigation or improvement opportunities.

Our PMs monitor and identify risks to a project(s) success, including project timeline slippage, changing requirements, or additional stakeholder discovery.

Our PMs are responsible for running the program, which includes managing budgets and resources with project managers, defining success parameters and controls, and maintaining the program's integrity.

Our PMs connect with your stakeholders and program sponsors to ensure streamlined and consistent communications, including establishing communication channels and reporting methods, identifying goals, and establishing priorities across the entire program

Our PMs can assist decision-makers by compiling critical information to inform decision-making, completing a comparative analysis of options, and even running meetings to make decisions.

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Business Consulting

Zyter|TruCare offers comprehensive Business Consulting for Population, Virtual, and Connected Health. Our experts optimize your business processes, provide industry-leading best practices, and guide successful project implementation. With our end-to-end approach, we train and empower you to maintain and maximize the TruCare platform independently. Experience a transformative journey with our consultants to revitalize your teams, enhance the employee and customer experience, and leverage our software for effective healthcare transformation.

Key Value-based Features

Add-on service designed for new customers to ensure a complete understanding of the TruCare platform, including a delivery pathway customized for the client's business processes and aligned with industry-leading best practices. 

Add-on service designed for new customers to ensure that new product modules and features are integrated with the existing implementation in the most optimized manner possible.

Add-on service designed to confirm you have a seamless upgrade path to our latest versions without the hassle of doing it independently.

Schedule appointments with auto-identified coaches and care managers who best suit member preferences, locations, languages, and conditions.

Clinical Consulting

Zyter|TruCare provides Clinical Consulting for enhanced patient outcomes in value-based settings. Our experienced board-certified consultants facilitate collaboration between payers and providers, utilizing data, TruCare product knowledge, and best practices to develop clinical pathways. With a dedicated team of cross-trained clinicians, we offer scalable clinical decision support across specialties. For Providers and Payers, our comprehensive services optimize care plans, treatments, and population health, identifying healthcare risks and social determinants for improved affordability and effective care.

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Key Value-based Features


Clinical case management services start at stratification, providing crucial awareness to improve outcomes and prevent hospitalizations for high-risk, high-cost beneficiaries.

Clinical services establish and maintain cross-disciplinary insights to create a holistic view of every patient.

Clinical services support improving the quality of life for patients through direct coaching and remote monitoring.

Clinical services support the analysis, revision, and implementation of care models and clinical pathways within the organization, including workflow impacts, configuration updates, and staff training.

Clinical services to support expansion into new lines of business, including commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid, and readiness review support.

Clinical services to support home health program genesis within both the government and uninsured populations. These feature policy and procedural development, reimbursement/billing best practices, digital health strategies for comprehensive assessments and care plans, analytics and reporting, and transformation of clinical care all using payment alignment and evidence-based approaches to care

Expert services to support analyzing current P&P and systems, performing a gap analysis and design, and configuring workflows to achieve accreditation successfully.

Social services to support identification, configuration, and documentation for Health Equity reporting and Quality Measures.

Expert social work services to create member-focused programs that bridge gaps and eliminate barriers in member self-care.

Expert services to support CMS Compliance, report development and packaging, and audit Readiness Reviews.


Care Nurses that support review of requests for medical necessity and case approval based on fully integrated, required guidelines (InterQual, MCG, CMS, Client Proprietary Guidelines). 

Physician reviewers that support expedient and accurate determinations, summarizations, peer review, and quality assurance for all clinical decisions.

Physician and care nurse reviewers that support verbal or written reviews for post-decision support, including notifying the requester of approval or denial via letter or phone.

Physician and Care Nurse reviewers that support the intake and clinical appeals process, including reviewing member and provider appeals to assess if the denial was warranted.

Expert services to support the process of analyzing current P&P and systems, performing gap analysis, workflow design, and configuration to achieve accreditation successfully.

Expert services to review and translate claims requirements and prior authorization benefit criteria into multi-faceted rules that can result in prior authorization requests. These include no-touch auto-approvals, flagging for denials, and guided review workflow processes.

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Technical Consulting

Zyter|TruCare offers comprehensive Technical Consulting to facilitate seamless integration and interoperability between enterprise ecosystems and our TruCare products. Our seasoned professionals specialize in integration architecture design, data sharing, ETL analysis, legacy data conversion, API implementation, and 3rd Party application integration. We assist health plans in achieving CMS interoperability rule compliance, including patient access APIs and data exchange, while also enabling health systems to establish bi-directional EHR data access for improved care coordination. Benefit from our expertise in healthcare interoperability and deep knowledge of major payer and EHR systems for effective integration solutions.

Key Value-based Features

Add-on service designed to guide our clients on architecture design, sizing, and rollout approach for deploying our TruCare solutions within their ecosystem and aligned with their strategic vision.  

Add-on service designed to help our clients understand security and compliance requirements and regulations and assist with implementing them into our TruCare solutions.

Add-on service designed to help customers with data retention and conversion strategies when migrating from their legacy systems into our TruCare solutions.

Add-on service designed to advise clients on design, development, mapping, and provide implementation guidance on complex integrations for ETL, API, and third-party systems into our TruCare solutions.

Training Consulting

Zyter|TruCare provides comprehensive Training Consulting to empower trainers, SMEs, and end-users with product knowledge and change management confidence. Our experienced trainers offer a variety of learning options tailored to your needs, fostering competence and comfort in using our products while driving momentum and enthusiasm for change. With a proven training curriculum developed over two decades, we prioritize timely implementation of functional and technical training to maximize productivity impact. From system administrators to end users, our supplemental training ensures comprehensive proficiency and utilization, focusing on your processes, workflows, and configurations. Count on our training services and resources to support your team throughout and beyond the implementation process.

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Key Value-based Features

Add-on service designed to enable internal training teams with the best way to teach end-users on the TruCare platform.

Add-on service designed to ensure customer readiness to upgrade to the most current version of our software.

Add-on service to provide onsite training classes on the TruCare platform, including hands-on activities, quizzes, and learning exercises.

Add-on service to provide video tutorials, end-user simulations, webinars, and recorded modules for self-paced training.

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