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Support Services

Delivered by a seasoned team dedicated to maximizing TruCare's potential for all customers.


With a focus on superior customer support, we provide multiple submission methods, including a customer web portal and direct access to support personnel. We offer two levels of support, Standard and Premium, tailored to meet unique business requirements with varying Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Count on our reliable and responsive support team to assist you in achieving your goals.

Standard Support

Standard-level Support is available Monday – Friday, 8 am - 9 pm EST. Our Standard level of support provides reliable assistance for issues, and we are committed to resolving all customer inquiries promptly and efficiently. Our team understands that our standard support levels may not meet all business needs throughout the year. Additional after-hours support can be scheduled using the current professional services rates.    

Custom Support 

In addition to our clients' standard or premium support offerings, we provide customized support that includes dedicated technical consulting hours, managed upgrades, and a yearly environment audit to ensure the best outcomes for your business.      

Premium Support   

Premium-level support extends Standard support to include pager support for Severity 1 and 2 issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year, including Zyter|TruCare holidays. With our Premium support, you get more aggressive SLAs that offer tighter resolution times, especially for high-severity issues that require immediate attention. Our Premium customers receive top priority in issue resolution, with faster response times and frequent updates to keep you informed.    

Key Value-based Features

Call us at 888-246-4940 or email us to get product support, investigate issues, determine severity, and verify business impact.

Use our Zyter|TruCare Customer Portal to access product documentation, technical architecture guides, deployment infrastructure guides, web-service integration interface guides, view notifications, submit and track tickets, and get real-time status updates

Proactive and real-time reporting to keep our clients informed of our progress, address any concerns, and review open item reports, defect reports, and monthly SLA reports.

Post-implementation service to ensure our clients get the full benefit of our products by identifying functional elements that require configuration adjustments, modules that may add value, process improvements, workflow automation opportunities, and more.

Talk with other Zyter|TruCare clients to help solve issues through our online community, where you can get advice from peers and participate in conversations.

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