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Zyter Delivers Remote ICU Patient Monitoring and Secure Collaboration Solution for International Military Healthcare System

The Challenge

Facing on-going budget restrictions and a shortage of skilled nurses at all facilities around the world, an international military healthcare system searched for a technology-based solution to increase operating efficiencies while also maintaining the highest quality of care. After researching a number of solutions, the healthcare system was intrigued about the possibilities of adopting a mobile remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution and secure collaboration platform that could be used by intensive care unit (ICU) physicians and nurses at all of the system’s medical centers around the world.

Before any RPM solution could be deployed, it had to undergo a rigorous evaluation process to ensure it was able to meet stringent security requirements as well as comply with HIPAA and other global healthcare regulations. On a technical level, the RPM solution also had to have the flexibility to eventually integrate with the medical system’s electronic health record (EHR) system.

Zyter’s Digital Health Platform was recommended by an alliance partner and after receiving approval, all of the core features and components of the platform were implemented to support remote patient monitoring and secure collaboration with ICU physicians and nurses worldwide.


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Product Spotlight: Zyter Remote Patient Monitoring

Zyter offers continuous and proactive RPM as part of a comprehensive, integrated suite of tools.

  • Leverage a wide range of easy-to-wear, FDA-approved devices for advanced monitoring and self-care
  • Reliably track patient habits for early intervention and in support of population health
  • Device readings support proactive disease
  • Activity checklists and surveys encourage patient participation, enhancing care team interactions and enabling self-care
  • Supports BYOD or device-specific protocols

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The Approach

Zyter brought the power of the desktop and the flexibility of a mobile solution together for over 900 clinicians and health administrators across the client’s entire global healthcare system. Both the secure mobile app and web-based desktop application enable ICU staff at the main medical center to monitor patients at any of the healthcare system’s ICUs worldwide and communicate securely with local staff. The secure communication and collaboration component of the Zyter platform is delivered in a smart, intuitive iOS or Android digital application with the highest level of security. Providing a real-time collaborative experience between clinicians across the continuum of care, the Zyter solution ensures that ICU staff can quickly connect with the right clinician to resolve patient issues quickly.

Combined with the remote patient monitoring component, Zyter delivers a comprehensive way for ICU staff to improve patient care.

To optimize the patient experience, Zyter developed a robust mobile app. In addition to patient registration and post visit surveys, patients can use the Get Care Now feature within the app to request a consult with a doctor. Providers initiate the consult via messages, phone calls or using the virtual video visit capabilities within the app, providing patients with a convenient and efficient way to access and receive care.
The Zyter solution runs locally on the medical center’s servers in full compliance with security protocols and HIPAA regulations. It also seamlessly integrates with the medical center’s ICU product, which supports all of the equipment that monitors a patient’s vitals signs.

 The Results

More than two years after implementation, the Zyter Digital Healthcare Platform continues to transform the way that ICU physicians and nurses care for critical patients, resulting in enhanced patient safety, improved outcomes and more efficient operations.Using the Zyter solution on a daily basis, nurses at the main medical center can monitor ICU patients at other bases around the world and immediately collaborate with the on-duty nurses at that specific ICU when a device alerts any change in the patient’s vital signs.
As a result, ICU staff can respond faster to the patient’s issue to provide a higher quality of care and bring about a better patient outcome. All of the patient-connected devices in the ICU can send alerts to the Zyter solution, including blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, glucose monitoring and more, enabling a higher level of comprehensive care for critical patients.
The international military healthcare system has also been able to address its budget and nursing resources challenges as now fewer on-site nurses are needed to monitor more patients around the world. In addition, physicians have more time to devote to critical patients that need specialist care. Remote monitoring has also helped patients become more engaged in their own care and increased collaboration with physicians, helping drive better outcomes.
In the near future, this client will further expand the value of the Zyter platform with integration to the medical center’s EHR system to provide secure, context-aware collaboration. This capability will enable clinicians to securely access and share a patient’s health history, medication list, test results and more from the hospital’s EHR system during a chat or video call. As result, ICU physicians and nurses will be able to further speed and enhance the quality of care for their patients.

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