Better Communication and Collaboration

Zyter is HIPAA and FedRAMP compliant, allowing us to partner with multiple federal agencies. Our platform helps enterprises connect disparate systems within organizations, providing tools for communication and collaboration. Zyter has collaborated on multiple initiatives with the VA and DoD with an existing “Authority to Operate”. Initiatives included features such as, but not limited to, secure clinical communication and collaboration, engagement, and automation.

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Secure Communication and Collaboration

With 256-bit AES encryption, HIPAA and FedRAMP compliance, implement secure messaging and audio/video calling with crystal clear quality.
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Telecommunications and virtual technology allows the delivery of health care outside of conventional healthcare facilities. Tele-health is an innovative way to engage patients and is beneficial to both provider and patient. Solutions include virtual communication, video-conferencing and e-consultations
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Smart Monitoring

Our platform makes integrated IoT intelligent by turning raw data into powerful, actionable insight. Be able to monitor physical environments (temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity) and both moveable and immovable assets in various facilities by integrating state-of-the-art.
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Zyter is opening a safe, new and convenient front door at health systems challenged by the COVID-19 outbreak. Maximize clinical coverage on emergencies, avoid unnecessary delays, provide alerts and improve the health care experience. Virtual screening and thermal imaging is streamlining the process within mass-shifted settings.  For more information on our COVID-19 offerings, visit our Thermal Imaging page.

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