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Value-based healthcare demands better collaboration between providers and payers. The integration of ZyterHealth™, Zyter’s digital health platform, with Casenet’s TruCare population health management solution makes that possible. The result: a combined clinical and care management workflow with deep integration of patient EHR data, telehealth services, remote patient monitoring, and care coordination data on a single, secure collaboration platform.

Physicians and care coordinators can now share and access physiological and social patient data across disparate systems to gain the same 360-degree view of each patient’s healthcare experience. Working together with comprehensive patient analytics, care teams can more quickly identify at-risk patients and respond to possible emergent situations before they require ER visits or hospital readmissions. As such, they can improve patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction, while satisfying all payer requirements for value-based care.

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Patient-Centered Value-Based Care: The Case for Integrating Telehealth and Continual Monitoring with Population Health Management
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Zyter Gives Care Teams the Missing Link in Value-Based Care