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Zyter|TruCare Releases Fully Revamped TruCare 2020

System to System Integration and Workforce Reporting are Major Benefits of Product

BEDFORD,MA – May 21, 2020 – Zyter|TruCare today released TruCare 2020, an HTML5 version of its award-winning population health management platform that supports care management and utilization management at health insurance plans. Developed over two years with input from more than 100 individuals at client sites, TruCare 2020 provides significant usability and automation upgrades to all of its existing features, introduces more system-to-system integration, and offers TruCare Insights, a suite of management tools.

“With TruCare 2020, our clients can expect to receive the exceptional implementation and client service they are used to, while also enjoying enhanced usability, system-to-system interoperability and TruCare Insights,” said Peter Masanotti, Chief Executive Officer .“Additional extensibility and interoperability bring opportunities for new efficiencies, so we focused on positioning TruCare 2020 to help make it possible for a plan’s systems to talk to one another in real time, built room for robotic capabilities, and ensured staff are saving time when using the system.”

TruCare Insights, developed by Zyter|TruCare Advanced Solutions Group,is a new companion application that provides a suite of action-oriented dashboards and management tools for leaders to monitor and manage their operation and teams’ work. TruCare Insights aggregates TruCare data and allows users to filter, group, and sort information as well as monitor, update,reassign tasks and activities, and message users from within the application.

TruCare 2020 continues the product’s history of excellence in identifying and segmenting populations based on risk while enabling care managers to quickly implement clinical programs that promote wellness, prevent disease, manage chronic conditions, and coordinate care.  TruCare 2020’s improvements support strategically important affordability and quality initiatives with enhanced product usability and visibility across the health plan workforce.

Zyter|TruCare population health technology solutions are used by top health plans to manage more than 33 million health plan members in the United States. Ranked Best in KLAS in 2017, 2018, and 2019, Zyter|TruCare is well known for innovation, implementation, and client service. The TruCare platform offer scare management, disease management and utilization review, and integrates with best-in-breed partner solutions for enhanced evidence-based content, analytics, and portals.

About Zyter|TruCare

Zyter|TruCare provides a comprehensive suite of enterprise care management software and services solutions for commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, TPA, provider/ACO and specialty provider organizations that have multiple lines of business and that require comprehensive configurations for each member population. Healthcare organizations rely on Zyter|TruCare population health management solutions to improve care coordination and the quality and delivery of care through enhanced case, disease, utilization, and home and community-based services management. Zyter|TruCare solutions enable organizations to adapt quickly to changing market and regulatory dynamics, and to identify and target populations having unique risk characteristics with specific care management programs— taking the first step toward better individual health and total population health management.

Media Contact

Natalie Schibell, MPH
VP Product Marketing
[email protected]

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