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Zyter Member Engagement™ for Healthcare Payers

Deliver a More Personal, Engaging, and Meaningful Member Experience​

Engaging today’s tech-savvy healthcare plan members through online portals and mobile devices is a smart idea – unless these channels are slow and unreliable, difficult to navigate, and frustrate users instead of helping them. Even the most feature-laden mobile app will get bad reviews if users cannot get an instant response after they click a link to the information they need. Unfortunately, outdated and underperforming technology contributes greatly to a poor member experience and that can result in losing your members to a competitor’s plan, as well as reduce your competitive advantage when seeking new payer contracts with providers.

Fortunately, Zyter Member Engagement™ has the speed, security, features, and flexibility to help healthcare payers provide a highly satisfying member experience.

Zyter Member Engagement™ consists of an online member portal and mobile app for iOS and Android to provide healthcare plan members with anytime, anywhere access to their plan details and health information – plus give them an easy, personalized way to communicate and collaborate with both payer and healthcare providers.​

Rich Features. Powerful Functionality.​

Zyter Member Engagement boasts an enhanced user interface on both portal and mobile app for a modern design and simplified navigation. Key features include:

Personalized Home Screen – Zyter Member Engagement instantly engages members with customized content based on their health plan, conditions, gender, and other personal preferences. Members can bookmark contact information for their preferred physicians on a “favorites” list for quick reference.

Simplified Access to Healthcare Information – The user interface displays the member’s updated medication list and includes a symptom checker that provides recommendations for care. Using the advanced Search function, members can easily find nearby pharmacies and urgent care facilities, as well as links to urgent care providers offering virtual appointment options. They can also use the Cost Estimator in the portal or app to research the costs of certain procedures and doctor visits based on historic claim information.

Provider-Patient Chat – A chat feature enables patients and providers to connect virtually through secure, two-way secure messaging. Providers can collaborate with notes, links, and files to deliver effective care from a remote setting, especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic when physical appointments are discouraged or restricted.

Secure Uploading of Documentation – Members can save time and expedite communication by uploading supporting documentation within the mobile app using their mobile device camera instead of faxing or mailing them to the healthcare company.

In-App Plan Changes and Upgrades – Designed for flexibility as the insurance needs of members change over time, the Zyter portal and mobile app lets plan members easily shop for and upgrade to a new plan within the payer’s marketplace.

Secure, Two-Factor User Authentication – The highly secure, HIPAA-compliant Zyter Member Engagement portal and mobile app provides two-factor user authentication using text or email, plus secure messaging/push notifications to send health and account-related messages to members. Members themselves also can securely upload and send documentation to the payer. Bill payments are also made secure with the ability to scan checks, pay with a credit card, or through Apple Pay and Google Pay.​

Fortune 500 Health Plan Provider Gains Competitive Advantage​

Technology strength is a key differentiator in the competitive healthcare marketplace. Zyter’s client, a Fortune 500 healthcare payer, deployed the Zyter Member Engagement mobile app for millions of members. The Zyter solution replaced an existing underperforming mobile app on a sluggish legacy web services system that was getting poor member reviews. The company not only increased member acceptance and satisfaction, but also won new payer contracts with states thanks to the competitive advantage of supporting member engagement with a modern, highly responsive technology stack.​

Put Your Plan at Your Members’ Fingertips. Anytime and Anywhere.​

The Zyter Member Engagement ™ portal and mobile app can be customized with your choice of features that are most meaningful to your member demographics, including these typical core requirements for keeping plan members continually engaged and informed:​

  • Member registration
  • Nurse advice line
  • Find a doctor (Map view, current
  • location, links to directions)
  • Change PCP
  • Electronic ID card
  • My Health
    • Medications
    • Care plans
    • Allergies
    • Conditions
    • Assessments
    • Service authorizations
    • Inpatient and ED admissions
    • Lab results
  • Get a ride
  • Contact Us with linked phone numbers
  • Current benefits
  • Enrollment history
  • Pay bill, auto pay, and statements
  • Secure messaging
  • Update profile
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Password

Enhance Your Member Experience Initiatives.

Zyter Member Engagement makes a positive difference in the following ways:

  •  Enhance and improve member engagement and their overall experience
  • Ensure fast response time of portal and mobile app technology
  • Drive positive member ratings and reviews
  • Increase member adoption of user portal and mobile app
  • Gain flexibility and readiness to add future member experience enhancements

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