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Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy
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Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy

ZyterHome is a comprehensive remote patient monitoring (RPM) product for doctors to care for patients by actively managing, monitoring, and tracking their health conditions remotely. Integrated with the Zyter Digital Healthcare platform, ZyterHome consists of patient-facing 4G-enabled devices to seamlessly track and transmit a patient’s physiological data.

Zyter makes it easy for provider practices to improve the overall quality of patient care and expand their offerings with remote patient monitoring (RPM).

How it Works

how it works

Improved Patient Care

Remote patient monitoring with ZyterHome helps providers ensure high quality patient care.

Features include:

  • Physicians/clinical staff receive notification alerts of abnormal patient data values
  • Initiate a virtual visit with a patient from the provider dashboard
  • Increase the potential for early intervention, thereby decreasing the likelihood of a serious or life-threatening situation
  • Increases patient participation and engagement in managing their own conditions

Increase Practice Efficiencies and Growth

Since providers can quickly access and review all home monitoring device data on the ZyterHome dashboard, managing care plans for patients with chronic conditions is much easier. In addition, with more time available in their day, providers can allocate it to those patients that need it most.

Features include:

  • Patients can receive digital monitoring devices in just a few days
  • Rapid scalability to accommodate an entire patient population
  • Efficiently triage patient care based on the needs of all of your patients – both at office appointments and at home

One Dashboard. Multiple Remote Patient Monitoring Devices.

ZyterHome provides remote monitoring of patients between office visits with device data available through an intuitive provider dashboard.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure

Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood Glucose

Weight Scale


Remote Patient Monitoring and Medicare

Provider practices using ZyterHome may be reimbursed for remote patient monitoring services by Medicare using CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458.

Visit the CMS website to learn more about potential Medicare reimbursement using ZyterHome.


Patient Onboarding

$23.74 one time
reimbursement for each
enrolled patient*

Supplied Medical Device(s)

Supplied Medical
Device(s), Daily Recordings
or Alert Transmission

$78.08 per patient per
month (PPPM)*

Clinical Time

Clinical Time


$59.17 PPPM*

Clinical Time 99458

Clinical Time


$47.10 PPPM*

*2021 reimbursement rates are for the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Rates vary nationally by location.

Get RPM Support with ZyterHome Assist

ZyterHome Assist is a complimentary, optional support service for provider practices that helps enroll patients and answers all of their questions about usage and their device(s). It’s the easiest way to ensure a great patient experience with ZyterHome remote patient monitoring without taking any time from your clinical staff.

Get RPM Support with ZyterHome Assist

Getting Started with ZyterHome Remote Patient Monitoring

Getting up and running with ZyterHome could not be easier. Just follow these simple steps.
sign up
Contact Sales for ZyterHome
Enroll patients online with e-signature for individuals or groups*
Prior to device shipment and activation, a dedicated Operations Center helps with practice onboarding and training
4G-enabled medical devices
Zyter automatically ships pre-configured, pre-assigned 4G-enabled medical devices to enrolled patients.
device transmit
Devices transmit physiologic data to the ZyterHome platform – no setup or mobile device required
Providers review patient data and track RPM-related increments of time on an intuitive dashboard
*Optional bulk patient enrollment is available from Zyter to individual practices. Contact us for details.
Remote Patient Monitoring

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Remote Patient Monitoring

For technical issues with ZyterHome,
please contact: +1 (855) 699 0252 or [email protected]