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ZyterHome™ Assist

Onboarding and Device Support Services for ZyterHome

Ensure Patient Satisfaction with ZyterHome Right From the Start

Zyter goes above and beyond the implementation of ZyterHome to help you manage your remote patient monitoring program and make it a success. The optional professional services of ZyterHome Assist cover everything a provider practice needs to enroll patients in ZyterHome, as well as give patients personalized support to make remote patient monitoring a seamless, successful experience.

Why ZyterHome Assist?

Not all patients are technology savvy, and some may find it intimidating to use the 4G devices for remote patient monitoring. They’ll have questions and concerns, but instead of calling your busy administrative or clinical staff your patients can call a ZyterHome Assist implementation specialist directly for immediate answers and support. Here are more ways that ZyterHome Assist streamlines the remote patient monitoring experience for everyone involved:


  • Eliminates the need for provider practices to devote already limited resources to patient enrollment.
  • Resolves patient issues on behalf of the provider practice to help patients quickly become comfortable and compliant with using ZyterHome.
  • Enhances the patient experience with ZyterHome and remote patient monitoring for greater patient satisfaction.
  • Clinical staff can stay focused on providing quality patient care rather than answering calls and emails with ZyterHome customer support questions.
  • Patient satisfaction with ZyterHome can potentially increase quality care and patient satisfaction metrics for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) survey CAHPS scores.
Why ZyterHome Assist?
Enroll Today!

Enroll Today!

ZyterHome Assist is an optional support service that is included with your ZyterHome implementation. There is no additional charge for ZyterHome Assist, but you must opt in to take advantage of it. To enroll in ZyterHome Assist, contact [email protected] or +1 (855) 699 0252.

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