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ZyterHome™ Assist Data Sheet

Get Support for ZyterHome™ and Streamline Patient Onboarding

Virtual care solutions for remote patient monitoring (RPM) like ZyterHome have become more widely adopted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, not all patients are technology savvy, especially among the Medicare-age population most likely to use ZyterHome, and some may find it intimidating to use the 4G devices for the self-monitoring of chronic conditions.
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Instead of calling your busy practice and waiting on hold when they have questions about using ZyterHome devices, your patients can speak to a ZyterHome Assist specialist directly to get immediate answers and technical support. The result: more satisfied patients as well as less stress and responsibility for your clinical staff.

ZyterHome Assist is an optional, complimentary service that is included with your ZyterHome implementation. Depending on the size of your patient population, one or more ZyterHome Assist specialists will be assigned to enroll your patients in ZyterHome and provide personalized support for using the 4G devices – so your clinical staff can keep their focus on providing quality patient care. There is no additional charge for ZyterHome Assist, but you must opt in to use it. When you opt in, you are giving Zyter permission to contact your patients who will enroll in ZyterHome.

Ensure Patient Satisfaction with ZyterHome Right from the Start

Zyter goes above and beyond the implementation of ZyterHome to help you manage your remote patient monitoring program and make it a success. The complimentary professional services of ZyterHome Assist cover everything a provider practice needs to enroll patients in ZyterHome, as well as give patients personalized support to make remote patient monitoring a seamless, successful, and satisfactory experience.

ZyterHome Assist services include:

  • Onboarding patients to ZyterHome
  • A ZyterHome Assist specialist will reach out to educate practice staff on how to use ZyterHome, and upon delivery, they will also reach out to patients to ensure they understand how to use their device(s)
  • Set-up of automated subscriptions for test strips and other medical products
  • Answering 4G device questions and troubleshooting
  • Liaison with vendors for ordering replacement devices

Streamline the Remote Patient Monitoring Experience for Patient and Provider

ZyterHome Assist provides support to your patients via phone and email. After enrolling, a ZyterHome Assist specialist will reach out to them to make sure they have signed their consent forms and answer any questions. Then they will follow up with patients once their devices are delivered to ensure that they know how to use the 4G devices. At any time, patients can contact the ZyterHome Assist specialist for any troubleshooting or questions.

Here are just a few typical scenarios in which a ZyterHome Assist specialist can help patients gain more confidence and satisfaction in using ZyterHome – and help provider practices free up resources and time because clinical staff won’t have to handle patient questions and issues like these:

  • “My ZyterHome device just arrived. Now what do I do?”
  • “I’m not sure I signed my ZyterHome online consent form correctly. Can you check it for me?”
  • “I don’t think my glucose meter readings are going through to my doctor. What am I doing wrong?”
  • “My 4G device for my blood pressure cuff won’t turn on anymore. Can you help?”
  • “My doctor has scheduled a virtual visit with me. How does that work?”

Increase Patient Satisfaction and CMS CAHPS Scores

The expert support from ZyterHome Assist specialists will make patients feel more comfortable and confident using ZyterHome – and therefore more satisfied with the remote care from your practice. This satisfaction among Medicare patients can potentially translate to higher Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) scores for quality care and satisfaction in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) program. For performance year 2021, quality of care makes up 45% of the MIPS final score. That’s just one of many reasons to sign up for ZyterHome Assist.

Enhance the Success of Your RPM Program with ZyterHome Assist

You’ve already made the decision to provide safe, quality care at home – and make your practice more efficient – with ZyterHome. Take advantage of the added benefit of ZyterHome Assist to gain even more value from your investment and make remote patient monitoring an even easier and more satisfying experience for your patients. For more information on ZyterHome Assist, contact your ZyterHome sales team at[email protected] or +1 (301) 355 7760.

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