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Zyter Virtual Rounding™ Telehealth Solution for Physicians

Making Daily Rounds More Efficient and Safer for Everyone

Physician rounding is at the heart of the hospital experience. The personal, face-to-face interaction between physicians and patients is vital to high quality care, as is the active collaboration of an extended care team, including specialists, nurses, residents, and medical students. However, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and depersonalized that experience for both providers and patients. Residents and medical students miss out on real-world training when excluded from physician rounds – while critically ill patients and their families face the personal anguish of not being allowed to visit in the hospital room.

Virtual Rounding 2

 Zyter is pioneering a new modality of hospital patient care with Zyter Virtual Rounding™, a cloud-based, secure video chat solution built upon Zyter’s digital health platform used by hospital physicians, care teams, and even patients’ family members. Designed to make physician rounds more efficient and safer for everyone involved, Zyter Virtual Rounding is at the forefront of digital healthcare solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic today – and ready for future telehealth platform integration as in-home virtual visits, remote patient medical device monitoring, and virtual critical care wards become the new normal of healthcare.

How It Works: Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility

Zyter’s cloud-based, easy-to-use virtual rounding solution can be securely accessed through Internet browser software on any iOS or Android digital tablet or mobile device with a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Physicians have the flexibility to conduct virtual rounding in two ways – physically in the patient’s room with the care team virtually in attendance, or remotely from the office or another location.

zyter virtual rounding

Virtual Rounding On-Site at the Hospital − The physician takes a digital device with Zyter Virtual Rounding to the patient’s room. Once there, the physician sends a notification to join the virtual visit to the nurses, residents, students, family members, and others who are using the Zyter solution on their devices in different physical locations. Throughout the virtual visit, the physician and patient can interact with the care team in a personal way just as if they were right there in the room.

Virtual Rounding from the Office − In this completely remote scenario, a hospital clinician puts a tablet with the Zyter solution on a stand near the patient’s bedside for the patient to operate. From his or her office, the physician initiates a virtual visit on Zyter Virtual Rounding by clicking on a patient’s hospital room number. The patient, the care team, and the patient’s family members all receive notification of the virtual visit so they can connect and participate. The Zyter virtual visit link can be emailed or sent as an SMS mobile message.

Features for Physicians, Care Team, and Family

Zyter Virtual Rounding creates a flexible, holistic virtual visit experience for both physicians and patients, and everyone involved the patient’s care. Differentiated by Zyter’s interoperability features of EHR integration and context-aware video chats, Zyter’s virtual rounding solution is made even more robust and comprehensive with the following key features:

Standardized Encounters – Enables remote providers to quickly enter and depart any patient room virtually, anytime, with no action needed by the patient. A smart scheduling feature enables residents and students to join the virtual rounding before it starts.

Virtual Learning Experience – Residents and medical students can continue to engage with patients as they gain real-world experience and knowledge working with physicians on virtual rounds.

Secure Virtual Connectivity – Backed by 256 AES encryption and HIPAA compliant security measures, Zyter Virtual Rounding enables care teams and patients to connect and discuss health issues virtually without privacy issues. Physicians can invite multiple care team personnel and family members to a secure video chat using a smart invitation link via SMS

The Benefits: Reduce PPE Costs While Improving Patient Safety

The introduction of Zyter Smart Construction is just the first step in getting construction companies up-to-speed with best practices for IoT technologies. Zyter’s SmartSpaces IoT platform is ready for the future as the need for additional IoT-enabled functions – such as asset tracking, equipment monitoring, and site navigation – grows in the construction industry.

Virtual patient visits with Zyter Virtual Rounding enables hospitals to reduce the significant cost of personal protective equipment (PPE) required for care of COVID-19 patients. Only the physician in the patient’s room requires PPE, instead of six to eight additional clinical staff members and/or residents. Zyter Virtual Rounding also provides these key benefits:

Improve clinical workflow – Zyter’s user-friendly platform supports secure connectivity, collaboration, and real-time context-aware data sharing that can scale up to groups of any size. Physicians, care teams, and medical students can all save time as they virtually collaborate to provide care more efficiently 

Enhanced physician/patient communication – Quick virtual access to patients via video conferencing enables physicians to easily follow up after rounding to improve patient satisfaction, enhance communication, and strengthen the physician/patient connection.

Enhanced safety for patients, care team, and family – Patients with COVID-19 and other high-risk patients can remain isolated and safe while still receiving the benefit of daily physician rounding. In addition, residents and medical students can reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19 while still getting real-world experience and training. Zyter video chat also lets families visit and comfort their critically ill loved ones virtually when they cannot be there in person because of COVID-19.

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