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Easy for Practices. Invaluable for Patients.

Zyter makes it easy for provider practices to improve the overall quality of patient care and expand their offerings with remote patient monitoring (RPM). By taking advantage of this latest medical technology, provider practices can increase the potential for early intervention, thereby decreasing the likelihood of a serious or life-threatening situation.

ZyterHome™ is a comprehensive RPM solution for doctors to care for patients who can benefit from participating in their own care by actively managing, monitoring, and tracking patient health conditions remotely. Integrated with the Zyter Digital Healthcare platform, ZyterHome consists of patient-facing, pre-configured 4G-enabled devices to seamlessly track and transmit a patient’s physiological data. No pairing or configuration is required by the patient, making it easy and convenient for anyone to use.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood Glucose Monitor

Digital Weight Scale

Digital Weight Scale

After signing up for ZyterHome with their provider, devices are sent to patients in a matter of days. Prior to device shipment and activation, a dedicated Operations Center will help onboard the physician’s practice and provide training for the web-based application along with the patient dashboards. The operations center will also help onboard patients and teach them how to use the devices. If required, ZyterHome can scale up rapidly to accommodate an entire patient population.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Medicare

Provider practices using ZyterHome may be reimbursed for remote patient monitoring services by Medicare using CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458.

Potential Medicare-Medicaid Reimbursement

*2021 reimbursement rates are for the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Rates vary nationally by location.

Visit the CMS website to learn more about potential Medicare reimbursement using ZyterHome.

How ZyterHome Works

The pre-configured ZyterHome medical device is shipped to the patient’s home after the patient signs an electronic or written consent form. Outfitted with a simple on/off button, ZyterHome medical devices are easy to use for patients of all ages, and no technical knowledge is required. Because the devices are 4G-enabled, there is no need to connect them to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. All the patient has to do is turn on the ZyterHome device and follow the simple instructions in the user guide.

How ZyterHome Works

The ZyterHome dashboard can be accessed by providers from any web browser. End-toend support is provided by the ZyterHome Operations Center, which assists with training physicians and practice staff to use the dashboard, as well as helping patients with any issues using the device. As an optional, additional service, Zyter can also assist the practice in onboarding new patients onto ZyterHome.

ZyterHome dashboard can be accessed by provider

Managing care plans for patients becomes more time efficient, since providers can quickly access and review all home monitoring device data on the ZyterHome dashboard.

Patient data captured from each device is transmitted to the provider’s ZyterHome dashboard for review and tracking. In addition, ZyterHome tracks the time that a provider spends viewing RPM data.

Ideal for the Provider Practice

  • Easy to use and requires no technical knowledge
  • Leverages medical devices for self-care and advanced monitoring
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Reduces variations in care, increasing quality and alignment with best practice
  • Online enrollment with e-signature for individuals or groups
  • Optional bulk enrollment provided by Zyter to individual practices for their patients

Extend Your Practice to the Home with ZyterHome

Whether patients need continuous monitoring to bring the hospital to the home or proactive monitoring to support patients post-discharge, ZyterHome offers comprehensive, integrated and easy-to-use devices that enable patients to participate in their own care and manage their conditions at home with the help of their physicians. Learn more at

ZyterHome Remote Patient Monitoring

Convenient and Safe Patient Care

  • Simple, intuitive, mobile solution for monitoring patients outside of the provider practice
  • Increases patient engagement and participation in the monitoring, management and treatment of their condition(s)
  • Improves the overall quality of patient care and safety

Improved Provider Efficiencies

  • Efficiently triage patient care based on the needs of all of your patients – both at office appointments and at home
  • Monitor patient data from a provider dashboard and initiate a virtual telehealth patient encounter in one click if necessary
  • Gain more time to focus on patients that need closer attention
  • Grow your practice

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