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Iot Smart Warehouse

What is the best way to track real-time inventory levels? How can I know the exact location of all goods in my warehouse? And how can I make operations more efficient despite a shrinking labor pool? These are a few of the questions that keep warehouse managers up at night and are driving the need for the digitally transformed smart warehouse. Typical manual processes are just not efficient enough – and most warehouse management systems do not provide the depth of real-time data to keep up with the fast pace of today’s global supply chain and the demand for expedited delivery of eCommerce goods.

Fortunately, Zyter makes the smart warehouse a reality today.

Zyter Smart Warehouse™ is a pre-configured solution that runs on the Zyter SmartSpaces™ Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Trusted by Qualcomm® to be the foundation of its Smart Cities Accelerator Program, Zyter SmartSpaces breaks down silos of information by integrating and consolidating data from IoT devices and applications you already have into one seamless interface. Best of all, Zyter Smart Warehouse is an Internet of Things as a Service (IoTaaS) solution, so you can avoid significant upfront Capex investment.

Smarter Inventory Management. More Efficient Locating, Shipping, and Tracking.

Zyter Smart Warehouse uses IoT technology sensors to provide unprecedented real-time tracking data on inventory levels, the location and movement of all goods within the warehouse – and even during transit to and from your facility. In addition to providing data and alerts from IoT sensors, the Zyter solution also provides a 360°, 3D-view of your warehouse using LiDAR 3D Digital Twin remote sensing technology. Plus, you can gain even greater efficiencies with Zyter’s indoor smart navigation app, and in the future, support autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and other advanced solutions residing on Zyter’s IoT platform. The result: Zyter Smart Warehouse digitally transforms your facility and logistics operations so you will always know how much inventory you really have and exactly where the goods are located – in the warehouse and every step along the supply chain.

Zyter Smart Warehouse helps businesses work smarter and more efficiently using a single, end-to-end solution:

  • Asset Tracking & Inventory Management – Zyter Smart Warehouse takes the guesswork out of inventory status so you always know when and where goods are moved. IoT sensors placed on pallets of goods and on other surfaces across the warehouse provide a continuous stream of real-time data on the location and movement of all goods currently in the warehouse – from the time they arrive at the dock for storage to the time they are loaded back onto trucks for shipping to distributors and customers.

    Zyter Smart Warehouse receives IoT-generated data via the SmartSpaces platform and consolidates it into a single, intuitive dashboard featuring 3D LiDAR technology – so you always have an exceptional real-time, virtual view of current inventory and where specific goods are located. Zyter Smart Warehouse also alerts when inventory is low, so you can place orders at the optimum time.

  • Enhanced Dock Management – Primarily driven by location and mobility services, Zyter Smart Warehouse makes it easy to prepare crews prior to goods arriving. Using automated number plate recognition (ANPR), video cameras can identify the make, model and license plate of each truck as it enters the facility and messages can be sent to the driver with directions to the designated dock for the most efficient loading or unloading.
  • Smart Logistics for Tracking Goods in Transit – Track goods from the factory to your warehouse and back out for transit to end customers. Zyter Smart Warehouse can integrate with vendor data from multiple sources to give you a single source of truth in regard to monitoring the transit of goods with IoT sensors outside the warehouse. Smart logistics with precision tracking also provides alerts and predictions as to the arrival time of trucks with new shipments, so the dock and workers are ready to receive them.
Smart Warehouse dashboard.

Easily track every movement and location of items through the Smart Warehouse dashboard.

  • Navigation with LiDAR 3D Digital Twin and Zyter Mobile App – Now you can “see” every area of the warehouse – even through walls – with LiDAR 3D Digital Twin remote sensing technology using pulsed laser waves that scan IoT sensors to create a 3D replica of your facility. Simply access the 3D LiDAR model on the Zyter dashboard to quickly locate goods, forklifts, pallets, and more. LiDAR on the Zyter mobile app also supports indoor navigation to give your workers step-by-step directions to the pallets they need to move. You can also incorporate a task checklist in the app, making it easier to manage an untrained labor force.

More Capabilities. More Impact.

Zyter Smart Warehouse helps optimize operations across all operations with the following advanced capabilities:

  • Gain 360°, 3D visibility of your warehouse, inventory, and location of goods
  • Track goods in the warehouse and across the entire supply chain
  • Receive alerts and notification on unexpected movement of goods to a new location
  • Improve worker efficiency with step-by-step indoor directions via the Zyter mobile app
  • Save time and improve efficiencies by automating daily manual processes
  • Customizable to specific needs and integrates with different vendor systems and applications
  • Scalable to multiple warehouse locations and industry domains
  • Gain actionable insights for better operational planning with predictive analytics based on IoT data
  • Manage operational costs more efficiently with Zyter’s per-usage pricing model

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Intelligence of Things

Unlock the full potential of connected IoT devices across your entire facility and beyond with Zyter Smart Warehouse – from shipment to end-customer delivery – so you can:

  • Automate Inventory Management and Tracking of Goods – With data from IoT sensors, you will always know the real-time inventory status and location of goods, so you can avoid unfulfilled orders and lost goods. Plus, a mobile app gives your workers step-by-step directions so they can quickly locate and move goods.
  • Plan for More Efficient Dock Operations – Vehicle tracking and monitoring makes it possible to predict estimated arrival times, so your workers can be ready at the dock to unload the truck and store the goods without delay, saving time and maximizing worker productivity.
  • Gain a Virtual 3D View of Your Warehouse – Light detection and ranging remote sensing technology provides an enhanced view of all goods and other components of the warehouse – even behind walls. Now you can easily locate anything in the warehouse much faster.

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