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A Smarter Future Awaits

A Smarter Future Awaits

Enhancing Daily Life on the Digitally Connected Campus

The university of the Digital Age is not your parents’ alma mater. The integration of new technologies, like digital smart classrooms with interactive whiteboards, smart parking systems, navigation and wayfinding, as well as behavioral analytics is transforming campus life.

What’s more, staying connected via mobile digital devices to social media, global information, entertainment, educational content and more is a way of life for today’s college students – and they expect the same personalized, contextual connectivity everywhere on campus. University management strategies are also changing as administrators seek better ways to harness digital technologies to make the campus run more efficiently and safely – providing the best on-campus experience for students and staff.

Zyter puts all of this is reach. And more.

Zyter Smart Universities & Schools is a highly secure, customizable and manageable solution that helps connect a university’s disparate data systems, departments, and people to provide more actionable insights for improving campus operations as well as the student and faculty experience. It breaks down siloes of information – by integrating and consolidating data from all segments of the campus which you may already have or are planning to build – into one seamless interface. The result: complete visibility of what is happening across your campus including stakeholders, departments, resources and your entire network of connected devices and sensors.

A three-pronged approach helps higher education institutions holistically develop their digital strategies and offerings and implement them as smart campus technologies. As a result, administrators can maximize resources, improve safety, and integrate new learning technologies across the campus. And with access to online education resources and content on any digital device, students can benefit from personalized learning to improve their educational outcomes and enjoy a more meaningful university experience.

The Rewards of Being Digitally Connected

Zyter Smart Universities & Schools delivers three distinct ways to reap the benefits of a digitally connected campus:

  • Smart University and Connected Campus – Enjoy a connected campus experience with embedded smart technologies for surveillance and security, facilities and utility management, campus navigation, on-campus transportation, and more. As a result, campus administrators can maximize resource utilization, minimize waste, and lower operational and labor costs. In addition, the Zyter platform delivers a single, seamless source of higher quality data from all connected technologies to drive better analytical insights and improved services.
  • Distance Learning and Online Collaboration – Zyter smart classrooms bring collaborative remote learning to life for educators and students. Using multiple tools like interactive smart whiteboards, smart annotation, smart videos and more, students have unlimited access to educational resources, anytime, anywhere from virtually any device. From a live/recorded online classroom experience to attending virtual workshops, laboratories and training sessions, students always enjoy a seamless virtual experience. Plus you can take advantage of one of the most secure remote learning platforms for a continued learning experience. This empowers universities to boost enrollment by attracting a larger pool of remote students.
  • Seamless User Experience – Deliver personalized attention to students and faculty by connecting with them in new ways for a more meaningful and productive campus experience. It enables personal, live engagement with students on mobile devices right from the admission and enrolment stage to smart campus navigation, private group and classroom chat, broadcast messaging, secure file transfer, and more. Faculty and staff have access to a dynamic dashboard with student data and behavioral analytics to predict student outcomes, increase student participation in campus activities, and view and respond to any student issues.

    Smart Benefits for all University Stakeholders

    Zyter Smart Universities & Schools goes beyond improving the student experience by also delivering value to university administration through broad and scalable advantages of increased security, accountability and ease of management of resources such as energy, water, waste, facilities and dormitories. Benefits include:

    • Reduce cost of operations
    • Improve the student experience
    • Reach a larger audience of remote students
    • Gain intelligent insights on student performance
    • Introduce digital technologies with zero disruption to current operations
    • Gain greater transparency of data for better decision making
    Smart Benefits for all University Stakeholders

    From the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Intelligence of Things

    Zyter Smart Universities & Schools enables you to better manage your ecosystem and unlock the full potential of your connected IoT devices so that you can:

    • Improve Operational Efficiencies – Simplify and automate day-to-day management tasks to achieve long-term efficiency improvements and significant cost reduction.
    • Make Smarter, Faster Decisions – Get actionable insights so you can make intelligent and informed decisions faster using real-time data streams, comprehensive dashboards, incident reports and prescriptive actions.
    • Provide Intuitive Experiences for Stakeholders – Using our humancentered design methodology, Zyter Smart Universities & Schools delivers an intuitive and seamless experience across a full range of apps and services – regardless of devices and data sources.
    • Improve Safety – Identify and address potential issues quickly before they escalate using context-aware incident reporting, predictive analytics and contextual alerts.
    • Secure your Enterprise – Ensure the highest levels of security at all times with the platform’s 256-bit AES encryption along with built-in user identification and authorization.
    • Achieve Faster ROI – Most organizations achieve return on investment within the first year of operation.

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