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Connected Logistics with Analytics for Smarter Operations

Connected Logistics with Analytics

Whether it’s a small parcel for an individual or a shipment for a global organization, it is imperative for companies to know the real-time location of goods in transit – along every mile from the point of origin to the final destination. However, today’s enterprise logistics teams need more advanced capabilities and richer data. They want more details, such as real-time temperature readings in trucks hauling perishable goods, and analytics of the behaviors of the drivers behind the wheel.

Beyond merely tracking goods, advanced logistics solutions must draw in data from multiple sources to support improved operational efficiencies, safer driving behaviors and reduced insurance costs.

Fortunately, Zyter Smart Logistics™ does all of this. And more.

Zyter Smart Logistics is the logistics module of SmartSpaces, a proven integration platform for intelligent IoT that helps logistics companies and enterprise logistics teams connect disparate data systems, departments and people to provide more actionable insights for improving overall supply chain efficiency. Trusted by Qualcomm® to be the foundation of its Smart Cities Accelerator Program, the Zyter SmartSpaces platform breaks down silos of information by integrating and consolidating data from all existing and future segments of your supply chain into one seamless interface. The result is complete visibility of what is happening across your supply chain, including stakeholders, departments, resources and your entire network of connected devices and sensors.

Tracking Logistics Made Smarter with Analytics

Consisting of a mobile app on drivers’ smartphones and an intuitive enterprise user dashboard, Zyter Smart Logistics can connect to any kind of device (onboard diagnostics sensors, battery-powered trackers, mobile phones, and more) to provide end-to-end real-time visibility of goods in transit. What’s more, the Zyter solution monitors speed, braking, and other aspects of driver behavior. It can also utilize external data like road, traffic and weather conditions to predict delivery times and delays, and issue alerts if necessary. Using this ecosystem of devices – and when integrated with inventory management, warehouse capacity, pricing and distribution center information – Zyter Smart Logistics generates analytics to provide intelligent recommendations on the best and closest markets for goods, perishables and more, all based on AI and machine learning.

Zyter Smart Logistics dashboard users receive real-time alerts and notifications of any unexpected issues along the delivery route, and they can drill down through layers of data and focus on solving those issues quickly using analytics and historical trends. As such, they can make more informed and intelligent decisions that will improve operational efficiencies, while ensuring business continuity by keeping shipments safe and on track. As the Zyter Smart Logistics solution learns and evolves, it becomes capable of taking decisions on its own based on the rules, policies and outcomes defined by stakeholders. As a result, Zyter Smart Logistics makes the vision of a self-managed supply chain a reality.

Tracking with Intelligence

When your drivers are using the Zyter Smart Logistics mobile app, you’ll always know where your goods are in transit – and be instantly alerted and notified on the Zyter enterprise user dashboard if any issues arise along the route that could cause safety issues or delay delivery.

  • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring – Zyter Smart Logistics makes a difference in creating a connected vehicle experience with embedded smart technologies for realtime vehicle health, vehicle tracking and monitoring. The technology can be effortlessly integrated with existing ERP systems and shipping routes making it possible to predict estimated arrival times and route delays due to construction, road closures and weather conditions. This predictive delivery capability enables the operations team to take decisions on the fly to support business continuity and customer satisfaction.
  • Driver Behavior and Driving Skills – Monitor and analyze the driving behavior of drivers in your own fleet or contracted drivers manning third-party vehicles. Real-time data of truck speeds, acceleration points, rate of acceleration, hard braking, high speed turns, and other driving behaviors are analyzed to provide driver safety ratings. The solution is available in two modes – using an external OBD device or using the Zyter Smart Logistics app on the driver’s smartphone. Helping drivers improve safety on the road can lead to reduced insurance costs for the enterprise.
  • Asset Monitoring and Provenance – Zyter Smart Logistics enables both real-time vehicle tracking and tracking of the goods or assets being transported. Gain end-to-end visibility of the chain of custody to guard against asset loss or theft. View the real-time temperature, humidity, and vibration affecting transported goods while the truck is in motion on the route. If a temperature threshold change is detected when hauling perishable goods, the Zyter solution sends an alert to the enterprise dashboard so that the goods can be rerouted to a closer delivery point to avoid a total loss. Additionally, Zyter Smart Logistics provides a complete chain of custody for sensitive goods such as medical vaccines and blood products.
Asset Monitoring and Provenance

Smart Benefits Mile by Mile

Zyter Smart Logistics delivers value to logistics organizations in the following ways:

  • Improve operational efficiencies by automating daily manual processes
  • Gain end-to-end visibility of the real-time location of vehicles and shipments
  • Receive instant alerts and notifications of driver issues or incidents and respond quickly
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected loss or theft with asset monitoring in addition to vehicle tracking
  • Lower insurance costs as a result of analytics to track assets and improve driver safety
  • Gain intelligent insights into performance of drivers from third-party companies
  • Achieve greater transparency of logistics data to support more informed and smarter decisions
  • Manage logistic costs more efficiently with Zyter’s per-usage pricing model

Zyter Smart Logistics: The Intelligent Way of Tracking

Zyter Smart Logistics enables you to better manage your shipping and delivery ecosystem and unlock the full potential of logistics analytics so you can:

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies – Simplify and automate day-to-day management of shipping logistics to achieve real-time visibility of goods in transit and more for long-term efficiency improvements, reduced insurance costs and improved driver safety.
  • Make Smarter, Faster Decisions – Get actionable insights from real-time logistics data collected by the Zyter Smart Logistics app, so you can quickly make intelligent and informed decisions to solve any issues affecting the goods or delivery schedule.
  • Provide Intuitive Experiences for Stakeholders – With our humancentered design methodology, Zyter Logistics delivers an intuitive and seamless experience across a full range of apps and services – regardless of devices and data sources.
  • Improve Safety on the Road – Identify and address potential driver issues quickly before they escalate using context-aware incident reporting, predictive analytics and contextual alerts. Gather analytics to track driver behavior and score driver safety to potentially reduce the risk of accidents and delayed deliveries.
  • Secure Your Enterprise and Transported Goods – Ensure the highest levels of security with the Zyter Platform’s 256-bit AES encryption along with built-in user identification and authorization. QR scanning at origin and delivery points ensures the right driver is driving the right vehicle with the right goods.

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