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Intelligent Integrated Solutions for Physicians

Intelligent Integrated Solutions for Physicians, Patients, and Asset Management

Digital transformation in healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace as hospitals seek smart Internet of Things (IoT) digitized technology solutions to improve patient/physician engagement, drive more efficient care team collaboration, and make quality post-surgical patient care more accessible at home. And in today’s competitive healthcare landscape, hospitals also need the operational efficiencies and cost advantages that a smart, IoT-enabled building with automated facilities monitoring can provide.

Ensuring a superior patient experience is also driving the transformation to the smart hospital. While they have readily embraced new modalities of telehealth and remote patient monitoring in the convenience of their homes, today’s patients also expect that ease and convenience when they must visit a hospital as an outpatient. Hospitals that are able to provide a patient experience that is personal, safe, and easy to navigate will earn the highest satisfaction ratings.

Zyter Smart Hospitals is the end-to-end intelligent solution to help hospitals meet all of these challenges and realize the benefits of the digitally connected hospital.

Zyter Smart Hospitals is a highly secure

The Intelligent Way to Monitor Patient Care and Facilities

Zyter Smart Hospitals is a highly secure, customizable, and manageable solution that connects a hospital’s disparate data systems, departments, and people using the latest IoT devices on Zyter’s robust and reliable digital healthcare platform. Trusted by Qualcomm® to be the foundation of its Smart Cities Accelerator Program, Zyter Smart Hospitals breaks down silos of information by integrating and consolidating data into one seamless interface.

The Intelligent Way to Monitor Patient Care and Facilities

Zyter’s single digital platform integrates patient device monitoring, patient tracking, medical asset monitoring and tracking, care team collaborative communication capabilities, and a patient-facing hospital navigation app, plus smart monitoring of HVAC, lighting and security for a comprehensive, intelligent solution. The result: complete visibility of what is happening across your hospital – from the patient’s room, to the operating theaters, to vaccine storage, to the location of medical equipment, to the boiler room, and more – through an entire network of connected devices and sensors.

Ready for 5G Connectivity

Zyter Smart Hospitals empowers hospitals of all sizes to easily upgrade from an older, hardwired custom IT infrastructure and Wi-Fi to a private 5G-enabled IT or cellular network with greater bandwidth, security, connectivity, and capacity that multiple next-generation IoT devices require. Through our partnership with Qualcomm and other telecom companies, Zyter provides everything for the transformation to the smart hospital – from the innovative IoT devices themselves to the highly secure digital platform as well as access to our partners’ connectivity services.

A Healthier Ecosystem: The Smart and Digitally Connected Hospital

Zyter Smart Hospitals transforms the hospital ecosystem, from security and safety systems for patients and medical assets, to mobile care team collaboration solutions, and complete building monitoring systems.

  • Hospital Bed Device Monitoring – Improved patient safety and outcomes are at the core of the smart hospital concept and that requires real-time patient information. Zyter Smart Hospitals collects and integrates physiologic data from all of the different medical devices that are connected to the patient in the hospital bed – such as oxygen rate, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, IV drip rate, and more. Nurses receive intelligent alerts on any changes to the patient’s condition so they can respond with prompt care.
  • Mobile Navigation for a Better Patient Experience – Zyter’s patient-facing mobile hospital navigation app ensures that outpatients have a minimal touch experience whenever they go for an appointment or procedure at the hospital. From the time they pull into the parking lot, the Zyter app guides them to the nearest parking lot and space. Once they enter the hospital, the app gives them step-by-step directions directly to the location of their appointment – and even alerts them on how long they will be waiting for the doctor. The result: a seamless, superior patient experience.
  • Patient Tracking – To increase patient safety, the patient tracking capability of Zyter Smart Hospitals detects and alerts staff whenever a disoriented dementia patient, or any flight-risk patient, attempts to leave the hospital room or exit the hospital. Additionally, Zyter’s seamless integration with IoT wearables can provide patient data on exercise, sleep patterns, and electrocardiograms to help physicians more quickly diagnose emergent issues and intervene sooner.
  • Asset Monitoring – Zyter Smart Hospitals provides a single interface for better visibility, maintenance, control and safety of all medicines and vaccines, as well as the real-time location availability of critical medical assets such as wheelchairs, defibrillators, and more. Smaller than a penny, Zyter’s wireless asset monitoring devices can attach to an EpiPen or small vaccine bottle to constantly monitor the temperature and alert on any changes. For example, Zyter’s solution can monitor the chain of custody of a vaccine all the way from production, to the hospital, to the time it is given to the patient.
  • Smart Facilities – Beyond the hospital room, Zyter Smart Hospitals gathers data and provides insights on smart building management. Zyter leverages transformative technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT to ensure smart energy management, including lighting, power supply, smart meters, HVAC and wireless power. In addition, the solution’s vision analytics include smart surveillance through video cameras to detect patient/staff movement, unauthorized access and unidentified object detection.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring – Zyter brings the hospital to the patient’s home. The remote patient monitoring (RPM) feature of Zyter Smart Hospitals enables physicians to monitor the condition of post-surgery patients at home, resulting in a reduction of the number of hospital readmissions. A pre-programmed 4G-enabled device is used by patients to seamlessly track and transmit their physiologic data to the physician from home medical devices, such as blood pressure cuff, digital weight scale, and glucometer. The physician receives an alert if the patient’s readings are out of range and can act quickly to resolve the issue and avoid a readmission to the hospital.
Zyter Smart Hospitals detects and alerts

Zyter Smart Hospitals detects and alerts staff whenever a disoriented dementia patient, or any flight-risk patient, attempts to leave the hospital room or exit the hospital

Smart Benefits Across the Entire Hospital Ecosystem

  • Respond faster to patient issues while away from the hospital and improve patient outcomes with anywhere, anytime alerts on the patient’s condition, and instant, contextual collaboration and communication with care teams
  • Improve safety and care for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, and other flight-risk persons, with patient tracking both inside the hospital and outside its walls
  • Reduce the number of post-surgical readmissions, improve patient outcomes, and reduce patient’s healthcare costs with remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  • Increase safety and patient satisfaction by providing a simple, minimal touch experience for outpatient hospital visits using real-time navigation on a secure mobile app
  • Reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies with real-time monitoring of utilities, HVAC systems, security systems, and other facilities-related maintenance tasks
  • Create a better, less stressful work environment for nurses and physicians with intelligent alerts from the IoT devices connected to the patient – ensuring that care teams know which alerts to respond to first
  • Improve operational efficiencies with asset tracking to ensure the location and availability of costly medical equipment at all times – and protect the viability of vaccines, medicines, and other biologics that require a controlled temperature

 Making Hospitals More Efficient with the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Optimize Care Communications – Care teams communicate and collaborate with contextual patient information in real-time on the Zyter secure mobile app, so patients receive care when, where, and how they need it.
  • Function More Efficiently – Zyter simplifies and automates day-to-day facility management tasks to realize long-term efficiency improvements and significant cost reduction.
  • Keep the Focus on Patient Care – From monitoring vital signs, to medical supply logistics and scheduling, Zyter digitizes daily tasks so hospital care teams can regain control of their time and can spend more time on patient care.
  • Increase Building Efficiencies – Hospitals can increase the efficiency of building operations by leveraging sensor-based data insights from Zyter’s intelligent building automation and control systems.
  • Compliance with Local and Global Regulations – Zyter Smart Hospitals is HIPAA compliant and can be easily customized to meet all regulations in the ever changing healthcare landscape.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction – Using our human-centered design methodology, Zyter delivers an intuitive and seamless patient experience across a full range of apps and services — regardless of devices and data sources.

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