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Improve Factory Productivity and Safety with IoT-Based Solutions

Factories are changing. And fast. Volume production, while still important, is quickly being replaced by value creation that’s driven by digital transformation and dynamic, intelligent operations. In addition to predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, a key enabler of the smart factory of tomorrow is sensor technology.

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors placed on equipment, raw materials and workers provide a continuous flow of real-time data on movement, location, operating conditions, and other important parameters. The volumes of data transmitted by IoT sensors are consolidated into a single dashboard to provide a real-time view of operations on the factory floor. In addition, using AI and analytics, performance issues are identified and corrective actions taken to optimize operations and improve safety, leading to lower cost, higher quality and improved efficiency.

Introducing Zyter Smart Factories™

The steady adoption of automated manufacturing systems and the emergence of smart IoT technologies is making today’s factory floor a safer and more productive manufacturing environment regardless of sector or industry. And Zyter Smart Factories is at the forefront of this digital revolution, making it easier to connect workers, machinery, raw materials, multiple factory systems and processes for improved productivity, safety, and resource utilization.

Zyter Smart Factories is a part of the Zyter SmartSpaces™ IoT platform. Trusted by Qualcomm® to be the foundation of its Smart Cities Accelerator Program, the Zyter SmartSpaces Platform breaks down silos of information by integrating and consolidating data from IoT devices and applications you already have into one seamless interface.


Zyter Smart Factories provides a 360-degree smart view of the factory and your workers in a single, intuitive dashboard.

The result: Zyter Smart Factories provides complete visibility of what is happening across your entire network of connected devices and sensors on the factory floor. In addition to receiving instant alerts and notifications on worker safety issues, security breaches, machinery utilization, and more, Zyter Smart Factories translates this data to analytics to help you make informed and intelligent decisions regarding factory floor efficiency and worker productivity.

Smarter. Safer. More Productive.

Zyter Smart Factories enables manufacturers to improve operations in many critical areas including:

  • Factory Floor Productivity – Zyter Smart Factories takes factory floor productivity to a new level. Using a continuous stream of real-time data from IoT devices on machinery and workers’ hard hats and gear, management gains a seamless, up-to-the second view of machine utilization and worker location across all areas of the factory. Additionally, the Zyter Smart Factory dashboard enables factory managers to easily monitor and quickly address events, operational issues, and security incidents to head off safety issues or any loss of productivity. Management can also see analytics on the incidents, how they were resolved, and how they affected productivity.
  • Worker Tracking and Safety – The Zyter Smart Factories’ Worker Safety Module alerts on worker safety incidents before they turn into an emergency. Smart, real-time location sensors, AI-enabled cameras, along with sensors on workers’ hard hats, safety goggles, and other gear send alerts when workers remove any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
    Factory management can also use the sensors to send alerts if workers are too close to running equipment that could lead to an accident or if a worker is in a hazardous zone. The same real-time location sensors and AI-enabled cameras can also ensure that workers (or unauthorized people) do not enter restricted areas without authorization. Sensor data on safety violations is analyzed to create a worker “safety score” on the Zyter Smart Factories dashboard to give managers insight into which employees may need additional safety training. Zyter Smart Factories can also provide machine fault detection and immediately alert supervisors and on-site medical personnel to any malfunctions and potentially preempt worker injuries.
  • Asset Tracking and Utilization – With IoT sensors attached to high-value manufacturing equipment, Zyter Smart Factories can provide advanced, real-time data on asset usage in terms of running times, usage efficiency, energy consumption, and more. In addition, using asset tags, Zyter Smart Factories can track raw material from the suppliers, through transportation, to the factory, and then all the way to its utilization in the assembly line. Understanding the location of the raw material and its ETA to the factory enables supervisors to more efficiently plan activities and production runs. Additionally, tracking raw material and mobile equipment using asset tags reduces theft or unauthorized movement of material and tools.

Improve Operations and Lower Costs with Zyter Smart Factories

Optimize your factory operations with Zyter IoT-based solutions so you can:

  • Reduce workplace accidents and improve worker safety
  • Minimize downtime and lower insurance costs due to fewer incidents
  • Improve factory efficiencies, productivity and revenue while reducing costs
  • Create a safer work environment that improves employee retention and morale

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Intelligence of Things

Zyter Smart Factories enables manufactures to better manage their factory environment and unlock the full potential of connected IoT devices so they can:

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies – Simplify and automate day-to-day management tasks to achieve long-term efficiency improvements and significant cost reduction.
  • Improve Productivity – Track and monitor factory equipment and material utilization to enhance productivity.
  • Make Smarter, Faster Decisions – Get actionable insights so you can make intelligent and informed decisions faster using real-time data streams, comprehensive dashboards, incident reports and prescriptive actions.
  • Improve Worker Safety – Identify and address potential issues quickly before they escalate using context-aware incident reporting, predictive analytics and contextual alerts.
  • Achieve Faster ROI – Organizations could potentially achieve return on investment in a year or less.

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