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Zyter Smart Events™ and Mobile App Improves Christmas Festival

Zyter Smart Events

The Challenge

Over a decade ago, a small Christmas funfair started with just a few attractions. Today, this multi-million-dollar festival continues to grow in popularity and attracts visitors from around the world. Not surprisingly, such rapid growth has made marketing to the event’s enormous customer base and managing the ticketing process much more complicated.

While tickets could be purchased online through the festival’s website, the festival owners wanted to streamline the process – and bring the festival into the Digital Age – with an interactive mobile app. Most of all, the marketing department wanted a way to engage festival attendees with the app beyond just purchasing an e-ticket. The festival’s owners asked Zyter to develop a custom mobile app that would help them create the ultimate attendee experience.

Zyter Smart Spaces was deployed along

The Approach

Zyter Smart Spaces was deployed along with a custom mobile app that integrates the festival’s ticketing platform with other systems to drive a smart and satisfying attendee experience. Zyter also added a custom integration with the festival system’s payment functionality to enable the purchase and downloading of festival e-tickets for the first time.

A highlight of the Zyter app is the comprehensive, interactive geographic map of the vast festival grounds to guide attendees to the multiple festival attractions and other amenities. The map uses a Google Maps API to enable attendees to see their real-time location and navigate easily to the next attraction. In addition, all of the attendee’s pre-booked attractions are automatically embedded into the map when the attendee books them through the Zyter app.

Product Spotlight: Zyter Smart Events

Zyter Smart Events is the event module of SmartSpaces, a proven integration platform for intelligent IoT providing complete visibility of what is happening across your entire network of connected sensors and IoT devices in real-time – all from one intuitive dashboard.

  • Simplify and automate day-to-day management tasks to achieve long-term efficiency improvements and significant cost reduction.
  • Get actionable insights so you can make intelligent and informed decisions faster using real-time data streams, comprehensive dashboards, incident reports and prescriptive actions.
  • Using a human-centered design methodology, Zyter SmartSpaces delivers an intuitive and seamless experience across a full range of apps and services – regardless of devices and data sources.

Attendee engagement was a top priority for the festival’s marketing team. Zyter developed a dynamic content management system for marketing to create and send real-time push notifications based on the attendee’s proximity to a specific attraction. Marketing can also create and send information flyers and other promotional materials through the app before and during the festival. Providing even more convenience for attendees, the Zyter app is also integrated with a third-party scanning system so that attendees can purchase cash cards to be used at the festival.

Zyter developed a dynamic content management system

The Results

User response to the festival’s new e-ticketing procedures, made possible with Zyter Smart Events and a new mobile app, has been very positive since its initial launch in 2017. Between 2018 and 2019, 12,000 e-tickets were purchased through the app, and a total of 35,000 festival participants used the app to navigate the festival attractions and learn more about them. The number of tickets sold the following year more than doubled to 28,000, while the number of users grew to 55,000.

Today, festival attendees can purchase e-tickets and pre-book reservations for the attractions of their choice using the Zyter app on their mobile device. Once they register for the festival, they can download their e-ticket, see attraction highlights and access all of the information they need for planning their visit. While on the expansive festival grounds, attendees can easily find their way around using the app’s interactive map already populated with the locations of their pre-booked attractions. Real-time push notifications from the festival’s marketing team help attendees quickly locate food vendors and other festival amenities near their current location. The app is also integrated with social media so users can easily share event information. This high level of engagement has delivered an exceptional attendee experience.

The Zyter app remains an effective marketing and user engagement tool even after the festival is over. Attendees can use the same app year after year to register for the festival, and they can always refer back to previous bookings.

At a Glance


An annual international Christmas festival


Festival owners wanted an interactive mobile app to enable e-ticket sales and create the ultimate visitor experience.


Deploy Zyter Smart Events™ and develop an intuitive mobile app that engages visitors from initial registration and e-ticketing to navigating festival events.


  • E-ticket sales have more than doubled
  • Number of app users increased by 20,000 in just one year
  • Attendee engagement has increased before, during, and after the festival

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