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Sports Camp Provider Scores Big with Real-Time Communication and Collaboration from Zyter

Sports Camp Provider Scores Big

The Challenge

A provider of sports camps known for its elite training attracts dedicated student-athletes aged 8-18 every year from around the world. The enrollment process is usually handled by parents and involved the submission of a dozen or more forms by personal email.

There are different forms for U.S. and non-U.S. applicants, and specific questionnaires that relate to the nature of the sport in each of the nine camps. Parents sometimes submitted the wrong forms and often used personal, unsecure email to submit the student’s health and medication information, which was not HIPAA-compliant in the U.S. This very cumbersome process was also time-consuming, often taking four weeks or more. And if the wrong forms were submitted or they contained errors, the sports camps had to return them for corrections and re-submission — extending the process even more.

Delays in registration continued even on the first day the students arrived on campus. Students waited in long lines for 45 minutes or longer at registration kiosks as staff manually reviewed the enrollment forms once again.

In need of help, the sports camp provider approached Zyter for a smart and efficient digital solution to eliminate the confusion and delays in the sports camp enrollment process. The provider also wanted any solution to provide a secure, real-time platform for seamless communication and collaboration between students and coaches.

“We met the challenge by deploying Zyter Smart Universities & Schools and developing a mobile app to provide student-athletes and their parents a secure, user-friendly way to engage and collaborate – all the way from initial enrollment, to arrival on campus, and throughout the entire sports camp experience,” says Sanjesh Rao, chief technology officer at Zyter.

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Zyter first revamped the enrollment process

The Approach

Zyter first revamped the enrollment process by publishing all of the forms online and making them available through the secure mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Parents can now fill out, digitally sign, and submit all forms, plus upload the student’s medical information securely without using personal email. Most of all, this smart enrollment app is context-aware in that it tells the parents which forms they need to fill out based on the information they enter about their student-athlete.

Medical staff located at the camp can also access Zyter’s back office app to review the medical conditions of each student. Medical check-in and check-out is performed within the system and parents can monitor progress in real time via the app to ensure their child has been safely checked in or out. The smart intelligence built into the system enables medical staff to continuously track any student with allergy or medical needs, something that was not possible before.

Leveraging the power of the Zyter platform, the app provides digital training and communication capabilities utilized daily by students, their families and staff. Zyter developed the app to take advantage of the platform’s channel-based communication, enabling specific channels to be set up for each of the nine sports camps. Based on their registration data, students are automatically subscribed to the channel or channels of the camps in which they are enrolled.

The mobile app enables seamless communication and collaboration between staff and students, as well as pushes real-time updates of class schedule variations or changes. With student safety in mind, the app also supports broadcast communication to inform all students in real time of any emergency issues on campus, as well as send reminder alerts of campus curfew times.

The mobile app enables seamless communication
context-aware capability to a very complex process

The Results

By bringing a secure mobile solution with context-aware capability to a very complex process, Zyter helped the sports camp provider reduce the average time for sports camp enrollment from four or more weeks to just four days. Because staff can now review all enrollment forms dynamically, the sports camp provider has achieved its goal of fostering real-time communication and collaboration with student parents and making the enrollment process faster, easier, and less confusing. What’s more, with the elimination of the previous manual paper process, errors have been significantly reduced.

Throughout the year, 5,000 students concurrently use the app to easily navigate the 500-acre campus and get real-time information on schedule changes and alerts, as well as viewing cafeteria menus and other campus amenities with just a tap on the app. In addition, the average student wait time at the registration kiosk when they arrive on campus is now an average of 5 minutes rather than 45 since staff no longer have to review paper forms and deal with potential errors. Most of all, students stay engaged with fellow students, coaches, and staff to make their sports camp experience richer and more meaningful.

“Previously, it was very difficult for students and staff to communicate and collaborate,” says Rao. “If there was a change in schedule at the last minute, it was impossible to get the word out to everyone in time. But now, the app sends push notifications in real-time so that everyone is on the same page. It is a much more efficient way for coaches to engage with the student-athletes in their respective camps.”

students and staff to communicate and collaborate

At a Glance


A provider of year-round sports camps for elite student athletes from around the world.


Simplify and shorten the student enrollment process while reducing errors and missing information.


Deploy Zyter Smart Universities & Schools™ and a mobile app to increase engagement and real-time collaboration among parents, students, and staff.


Reduced student enrollment process from 4 weeks to 3 days; reduced student wait time at registration lines from 45 minutes to 5 minutes. Over 5,000 users access the mobile app concurrently for real-time collaboration with fellow students and staff.

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