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Zyter Mobile App Increases Engagement and Convenience at International Art Fairs

Zyter Mobile App Increases Engagement

The Challenge

Multiple international contemporary art fairs feature more than 100 art galleries each. Art lovers attend the fairs to view specially commissioned contemporary art projects from around the world and participate in discussion programs and artist-led education sessions. The promoter of the art fairs wanted a way to engage more than 75,000 annual visitors to the fairs and create a more personalized experience. At the time, the fair’s website was the only way to obtain information about each event. The promoters asked Zyter to develop an interactive mobile app that would enable interactive maps, push alerts, and other real-time functionality for engaging attendees at all three fair locations.

The Approach

To enhance mobile app functionality, Zyter first deployed Smart Events. Smart Events is a customized event module which leverage SmartSpaces, Zyter’s IoT-enablement platform that connects to and consolidates data from a wide variety of deployed sensors and IoT devices.

Drawing upon extensive experience in the entertainment and event management industry, Zyter designed a single mobile app with personalized user interface themes for each of the three art fair locations. Users can simply click on the logo and color theme of the art fair location they want to attend.

Product Spotlight: Zyter Smart Events

Zyter Smart Events is the event module of SmartSpaces, a proven integration platform for intelligent IoT providing complete visibility of what is happening across your entire network of connected sensors and IoT devices in real-time – all from one intuitive dashboard.

  • Simplify and automate day-to-day management tasks to achieve long-term efficiency improvements and significant cost reduction.
  • Get actionable insights so you can make intelligent and informed decisions faster using real-time data streams, comprehensive dashboards, incident reports and prescriptive actions.
  • Using a human-centered design methodology, Zyter Smart Events delivers an intuitive and seamless experience across a full range of apps and services – regardless of devices and data sources.
  • Identify and address potential issues quickly before they escalate using context-aware incident reporting, predictive analytics and contextual alerts.

On the fairgrounds, attendees use the Zyter app to make navigating the art fair an easier and more personalized experience. Interactive gallery maps guide fair attendees to the geographic locations of the specific artwork and projects they came to see. A program listing by data and time provides information on exhibits which the user can “favorite” to receive alert notifications. Once they arrive at the gallery and view the artwork, they can scan a distinct QR code for each exhibit to hear audio commentary and view a description and images embedded in the Zyter app. In addition, attendees who register for VIP access to specific galleries can receive real-time news feeds, alerts, and notifications regarding gallery events.

To keep attendees informed of any additions or changes to the fair schedule, the marketing team can push real-time updates thanks to the dynamic content publishing capability of the Zyter mobile app. In addition to the content management system, Zyter also integrated a dashboard and reporting tool for user data analytics to help marketing gain new insight into the preferences and behavior of fair attendees.

 Zyter mobile app.

The Results

Zyter Smart Events and the new mobile app have significantly increased engagement and the customer experience for all attendees at each art fair. Attendees now enjoy a much more personalized experience with custom itineraries and maps as well as relevant content and realtime notifications.

Because the Zyter mobile app was so well received by attendees, Zyter is expanding its contract with the art fair promoters to add new functionality. Currently, in response to the COVID-19 situation, Zyter is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) component to create virtual gallery viewing rooms in which attendees can remotely experience fair events and practice social distancing.

At a Glance


A multi-location international art fair.


Boost attendee engagement and the customer experience.


Deploy Zyter Smart Events™ and develop an intuitive mobile app.


  • Art fair attendees now enjoy a more informed, interactive and personalized experience
  • Easier, convenient navigation to specific locations and artwork displays
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Increase marketing insights from a steady stream of user data

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