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The Doctor Will See You Now. Virtually Anywhere.

The house call is back and its name is telehealth. Delivering quality healthcare is no longer limited to the physician’s office. Care teams are challenged more than ever to treat the chronic conditions of an aging population — not to mention providing a safe way for individuals at greater risk for COVID-19 to avoid or limit time spent in public places like hospitals and clinics.

Providing in-home care through telehealth technology — with its virtual visit and remote patient monitoring (RPM) capabilities — is driving not only a new modality of healthcare, but also new efficiencies and growth opportunities. And when telehealth is supported by secure collaborative communication technology for care teams, it’s a win-win situation for patient and provider alike.

Enabling Secure Telehealth for Quality Virtual Care

The Zyter Digital Health Platform offers healthcare organizations of all sizes, from hospital campuses to provider practices, a full range of secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth and collaborative communication solutions. Designed to integrate seamlessly and be quickly deployed and easily adopted by provider and patient alike, Zyter’s telehealth solutions enable secure virtual engagement as a primary modality of care through:

  • Virtual physician visits
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Care team collaboration through secure mobile communication

Why Zyter for Telehealth

It’s all about accessibility to quality healthcare anytime, anyplace, especially in the patient’s home. Zyter’s telehealth solutions enable physicians to extend care beyond the traditional office visit and expand at-home services to patients who need it most. We’ve made our robust telehealth offerings easy and efficient for clinical staff to access and use daily, while our RPM solutions enable patients to manage their conditions at home with easy-to-wear devices and advanced monitoring capabilities.

Most of all, patient privacy and HIPAA compliance is at the core of Zyter’s telehealth capabilities for remote patient monitoring. In addition, the Zyter Digital Health Platform drives the future of virtual care by offering modular components which can augment existing care platforms, or work independently, to deliver the right care, at the right time, at the right place. Key advantages include:

  • Military-grade security
  • Vendor agnostic with the flexibility to respond to industry changes
  • Flexibility to custom-tailor a secure telehealth solution
  • Seamless integration of all Zyter healthcare modules

Provide Virtual Care to Patients. Collaborate Securely with Care Teams.

Telehealth is the virtual visit and much more – and Zyter makes providing the quality telehealth services your patients need easier, more secure, and more efficient.

Virtual Visits

  • The virtual “house call” is at the heart of telehealth services. Engage and interact with patients in their homes through secure, real-time video chat that ensures patient privacy, safety, and quality of care. Just like an in-person appointment, patients and providers can collaborate by sharing notes, links, and files while the virtual visit is in progress. Patients save time and reduce the need to travel to frequent appointments, while providers also gain efficiencies through more flexible scheduling of patient care.
  • Zyter’s telehealth capability for virtual visits is accessible from any web browser and does not require either patient or provider to download an app. Each party can use the device of their choice, including smartphones, tablets, laptops or personal desktops.

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Zyter RPM provides the opportunity for providers to improve patient care through the use of Medicare-covered RPM services that are billable using CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458. Medicare will reimburse providers for RPM services and Zyter can assist practices in furnishing those services
  • The Zyter RPM solution makes it easy for patient and provider. A pre-configured, 4G-enabled device and mobile application seamlessly track and transmit a patient’s physiologic data from a blood pressure cuff, digital weight scale and glucometer. Physicians analyze patient data and track RPM-related increments of billable time on an intuitive, easy to use dashboard. Zyter provides all technical support and troubleshooting so that providers can stay focused on patient care.
dashboard image for Telehealth DT

Care Team Collaborative Communication

  • Patient safety and positive outcomes rely on an immediate response from the care team. Zyter’s secure and compliant collaborative communication solution empowers the team to communicate via video, chat, voice and text to instantly access the right clinicians and the most up-to-date, real-time Electronic Health Record (EHR) patient data.
  • The context-aware capability of Zyter’s solution lets clinicians securely access and share a patient’s health history, medication list, test results and more from the hospital’s EHR system during a secure chat or video call. Normally, clinicians would lose precious time interrupting the consultation to find and pull the patient’s health record for review. This powerful context-aware feature helps to enhance patient safety while streamlining efficiency for the clinical staff.

Be Ready for the Future with Zyter

Zyter Telehealth is designed to evolve to support current and future innovations in telehealth solutions and workflows so you can gradually and confidently expand, extend and enhance your telehealth offerings over time. Ready to get started? Contact Zyter today for more details on our telehealth solutions.

Good for Patients. Quality Care at Home.

James, 68, finally has his type II diabetes under control. This morning he took his glucose reading on the at-home testing device and sends the results to his doctor via Zyter’s pre-configured, 4G-enabled RPM device that automatically connects to the glucometer through Bluetooth. Later at  practice for a virtual office visit using Zyter’s secure telehealth portal. James went to bed that evening with the peace of mind that he is managing his health at home, yet always under the watchful eye of his care team.

Good for Providers. Improved Practice Efficiencies.

A busy family practice physician sees a lot of Medicare-age patients with chronic conditions in her practice. There aren’t enough hours in the day to schedule office visits for all of them, but every day she can monitor their glucose readings, blood pressure and weight using data from Zyter’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology solution. And she can intervene quickly to prevent an emerging condition when she sees readings that are out of normal range. When an office visit is necessary, she and her patient have the option to have a secure, virtual video visit using Zyter’s telehealth solution – convenient, but still ensuring quality care. What’s more, this physician can bill Medicare for certain RPM services she provides, resulting in increased practice revenue.

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