SmartSpaces™ Platform

Intelligent Internet
of Things

It’s Time to Integrate

Zyter SmartSpaces™ is a proven integration platform for intelligent IoT. Now it’s it simple to consolidate disparate vertical solutions, technologies and data formats into a seamless, flexible IoT ecosystem that delivers insightful analytics and collective intelligence – all from one intuitive dashboard.


Every IoT Device. Connected.

A flexible, secure, scalable architecture unlocks the full potential of connected IoT devices – including those already deployed – to deliver actionable intelligence that improves decision making, day-to-day management and long-term efficiencies. Gain complete visibility of what is happening across your entire network of connected sensors and IoT devices in real-time.

In Smart Buildings

On Campuses

Across Enterprises


Throughout Entire Cities

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The Intelligence of Things

Through smart insights, Zyter converts your Internet of Things into the Intelligence of Things. Receive instant alerts and notifications about issues that matter. Drill down through the layers of data to focus on solving problems using analytics and historic trends.

With Zyter SmartSpaces™ you can:

√ Improve operational efficiencies
√ Make smarter, faster decisions
√ Enhance the quality of life for employees, workers, residents and citizens
√ Provide intuitive experiences for your stakeholders
√ Improve building/campus/city safety
√ Achieve faster ROI (typically < 1 year)

A Superior User Experience. Guaranteed.

Intuitive, end-user mobile applications can be developed to work seamlessly with any Zyter SmartSpaces deployment for high impact and engagement. Custom, branded apps can provide context-aware content to users including real-time status updates or information on points of interest (POIs), as well as directions to ATMs, exits, restaurants and other destinations based on a user’s precise location.


Secure. Modular. Versatile.

Zyter SmartSpaces ensures the highest levels of security at all times with the platform’s 256-bit AES encryption along with built-in user identification and authorization that can be easily integrated into your enterprise ecosystem.