Intelligent Internet of Things

Better Management, Efficiencies and Experiences with Zyter SmartSpaces™

Zyter SmartSpaces™ is a proven integration platform for intelligent IoT. Gain complete visibility of what is happening across your entire network of connected sensors and IoT devices in real-time – all from one intuitive dashboard.

A Safer, More Immersive Fan Experience with Zyter & Verizon

Two Zyter solutions – Smart Events™ and ThermalAlert™ – take advantage of Verizon’s ultra-low latency 5G and MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) network. See how we are working together to make live sports and entertainment safer during COVID-19 while delivering a smarter, more immersive fan experience.

Smart Cities and Communities

Trusted by Qualcomm® to be the foundation of its Smart Cities Accelerator Program, Zyter SmartSpaces delivers actionable insights from IoT devices and sensors deployed in buildings, across campus or spanning an entire city. As a result, you’ll be able to make intelligent and informed decisions faster using real-time data streams, comprehensive dashboards, incident reports and prescriptive actions.

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IoT smart solutions

Smart Campus

Improve how you manage your campus ecosystem and unlock the full potential of your connected IoT devices with Zyter Smart CampusTM. Now it’s easy to deliver a next generation campus experience with smart parking and transportation, asset tracking, smart waste management, and more – all from a flexible and scalable AI and analytics-driven platform.

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Smart Hospitals/Healthcare

Zyter Smart Healthcare digitizes the entire patient experience, making a hospital visit much more efficient for patients and providers alike. When integrated with a scheduling application, Smart Healthcare can leverage location information from sensors around a hospital campus to deliver relevant information to a patient’s mobile device to optimize their experience. This could include directions to an open parking space, directions to their appointment, notifying nurses of their arrival, digital registration, and more. Find out why smarter is better.

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Smart Universities & Schools

Zyter Smart Universities & Schools provides campus administrators with complete visibility of what is happening across an entire network of connected devices and sensors deployed around campus, supported by advanced analytics. Just as important, Smart Universities & Schools enables a digitally connected campus for a safer, more personalized student experience that transforms academic life both on and off campus. Leverage smart classroom-based teaching, enhanced communication and collaboration via secure remote learning, as well as wayfinding, navigation, and other personalized engagement options – all using familiar mobile devices.

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Smart Logistics

Zyter Smart Logistics provides end-to-end logistics capabilities across multiple transport modes enabling organizations to make intelligent decisions based on real-time data from on-board diagnostics sensors, battery-powered trackers, mobile phones, and more. Monitor speed, braking, and other aspects of driver behavior and utilize external data like traffic conditions and weather to predict delivery times and delays, and issue alerts if necessary. With integration into inventory management, warehouse capacity, pricing and distribution center information, it is possible to provide intelligent recommendations on the best markets for goods, perishables and more, all based on AI and machine learning.

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Smart Construction

Zyter Smart Construction takes site productivity and safety to a new level. Using a continuous stream of real-time data from IoT devices on equipment and workers, it is possible to gain a seamless, up-to-the second view of what is happening on the construction site. Additionally, through state-of-the-art data visualization, analytics and intelligent insights, construction companies can easily monitor and address events, operational issues, and incidents. Increase construction efficiency with Zyter Smart Construction.

Smart Events & Stadiums

Zyter enables entertainment providers to digitize their events and stadiums, enhancing the fan experience while also significantly improving facilities management capabilities. From digital ticketing to sending relevant content to mobile phones during the event – directions to seats, restrooms or concession stands, available merchandise, player stats and coupons – Zyter Events & Stadiums elevates every event.

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IOT build platform

Build Your Own Platform

Due to the flexibility and scalability of Zyter SmartSpaces, it can be used across multiple industries and for many diverse applications. No matter how you leverage our IoT-enablement platform, Zyter SmartSpaces delivers an intuitive and seamless experience across a full range of apps and services – regardless of devices and data sources.

The Intelligence of Things

Through smart insights, Zyter converts your Internet of Things into the Intelligence of Things. Receive instant alerts and notifications about issues that matter. Drill down through the layers of data to focus on solving problems using analytics and historic trends.

With Zyter SmartSpaces™ you can:

√ Improve operational efficiencies
√ Make smarter, faster decisions
√ Enhance the quality of life for employees, workers, residents and citizens
√ Provide intuitive experiences for your stakeholders
√ Improve building/campus/city safety
√ Achieve faster ROI (typically < 1 year)

Limited Only By Your Imagination

SmartSpaces can be deployed in countless environments in virtually any industry – spanning a single building or an entire city. Here are just a few applications.

Oil, Gas & Mining Sites

Smart Oil, Gas & Mining Sites


Smart Retail

Smart Warehouses

Smart Warehouses

Travel & Transit

Smart Travel & Transit

A Superior User Experience. Guaranteed.

Intuitive, end-user mobile applications can be developed to work seamlessly with any Zyter SmartSpaces deployment for high impact and engagement. Custom, branded apps can provide context-aware content to users including real-time status updates or information on points of interest (POIs), as well as directions to ATMs, exits, restaurants and other destinations based on a user’s precise location.

A Superior User Experience. Guaranteed
Secure. Modular. Versatile.

Secure. Modular. Versatile.

Zyter SmartSpaces ensures the highest levels of security at all times with the platform’s 256-bit AES encryption along with built-in user identification and authorization that can be easily integrated into your enterprise ecosystem.