Communication That Connects

Increase school spirit with instant chat, SMS, notifications, broadcasts, and many more options to reach your ecosystem. Our crystal-clear communication channels allow you to foster a tight-knit educational community.

Engagement That Delivers

Streamline and tailor every facet of events, programs, clubs, and teams to bring your academic community closer than ever before.

Insights That Drive Improvement

Connect the dots hidden in your academic ecosystem to unlock the true potential of all school stakeholders involved. Zyter’s advanced analytics give you intuitive, actionable insights that deliver measurable improvement across your institution.

Augment Student Activities & Features

Give your students an academic experience they’ll remember fondly for the rest of their lives. Zyter makes it easy to enhance every facet of your education ecosystem so your students can excel and build a bright future.

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Superior Safety
& Security

Keep safety simple and superior with one-touch emergency calls, alerts and notifications, geo-tracking, incident reports, and quick medical provider contact.
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Academic Progress

Stay in sync with student schedules, progress, and performance all in one platform. Set deadline reminders to keep them on the right track.
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Optimized Student

Our broadcast messaging and social media capabilities make it quick and convenient to reach prospective students or current members of your community.
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Empower your community by giving stakeholders the ability to schedule appointments, register for events, book travel accommodations, and more with seamless self-service.
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Refined Registration
& Enrollment

From programs and activities to payment management and on-campus housing, Zyter can take care of every aspect of registration and enrollment.
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Superb Student

Use Zyter to manage all the resources your students need to grow. Events, programs, clubs, teams, coaching, and mentoring are all a tap away.
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News &

Convenient communication channels, live streaming, event updates, and integrated announcements make it easy to reach out to your community and keep them informed.
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All You Need for
Alumni Outreach

We’re an all-in-one solution for all of your alumni outreach needs. Plan events, garner recommendations and receive donations all through Zyter.

Administrative Activities & Features

Set your school system up for success with our platform. Zyter optimizes your institution’s day-to-day operations so that all stakeholders involved can deliver an unparalleled educational experience.
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Overseeing student activities, managing feedback, getting analytics and reports, customizing dashboards, and streamlining security are just a few ways that Zyter empowers your ecosystem.
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Convenient Content

Newsletters, event updates, announcements, articles, guides, handouts – produce and distribute any content you want through Zyter’s platform.
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Easy Enrollment
& Registration

Ensure student enrollment and registration are complete, collaborate on documents, and set event deadlines all through our platform.
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Catalyze Community Engagement

Foster school spirit with versatile event management. Easily schedule, plan, and organize campaigns across numerous channels to reach students and faculty to foster your academic family.
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All-Encompassing Community Outreach

With social media, broadcast messaging, alerts, and notifications, Zyter makes it incredibly simple to get in touch with all school stakeholders and keep them on the same page.