Zyter Remote Patient Monitoring™

Comprehensive Remote Patient Care and Home Health

Connected Care for Healthcare Organizations

Zyter offers a complete remote care management approach that provides continuous monitoring coupled with electronic health record (EHR) integration and secure collaborative communication between patients and physicians. Seamless integration with Zyter Telehealth extends virtual care flexibility and capabilities even further.

How Zyter RPM Works

Zyter RPM uses cellular or wireless devices to transmit patient physiological data to an intuitive dashboard at a physician’s office. No network pairing or device configuration by the patient is required as devices work with 4G or a common wireless standard. If readings fall outside of normal parameters, clinical staff receives alerts and if necessary, a virtual video call can be initiated with the patient from within the dashboard.


Increased Patient Engagement. Better Outcomes.

Zyter RPM makes it easy for patients to monitor and participate in managing their conditions using a robust mobile app already installed on a pre-configured tablet provided by Zyter. The Home dashboard displays the most recent value and date of each device reading, as well as data from personal wireless iHealth devices, such as an Apple Watch. If desired, patients can initiate a secure chat with their assigned physician.

Raising the Bar for Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Increases the potential for early intervention, decreasing the likelihood of acute episodes
  • Lowers post-discharge mortality rates and reduces the number of post-surgical readmissions
  • Requires fewer in-hospital staff to monitor multiple patients
  • Integration with the patient’s EHR makes digital care more efficient
  • Fewer lab and diagnostic tests
  • Personalizes the patient’s healthcare experience for greater satisfaction

Industry Awards


CEO World Awards

  • Company Innovation of the Year

CEO World Awards

  • Best Product

CEO World Awards

  • Best Technology

13th Annual 2021 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards

  •  Best Technology| To Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19
Remote Patient Monitoring
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