Who We Serve

Healthcare Organizations

Zyter improves your ability to care for patients and their quality of life by extending care beyond traditional clinical venues. From telehealth and remote patient monitoring to clinical collaboration, Zyter provides the foundation for improving patient and clinician engagement, the quality of care, and building better outcomes.

Learn more about our products for Providers including Home Health and Remote Monitoring, Virtual Care and Care Team Collaboration.

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Integrated Health Systems

Zyter delivers better experiences – for both clinicians and patients. Simplify collaboration and streamline workflows to boost efficiency. Improve care quality and patient outcomes. With Zyter, it’s all possible.

Learn more about our products for Home Health and Remote MonitoringVirtual Care and Care Team Collaboration.

Nursing Organizations

Nurses in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinical environments need to streamline their workflows. Zyter makes it happen by combining intelligent tracking, priority tasking, medical asset tracking and real-time mobile patient monitoring.

Learn more about our nursing products including Home Health and Remote Monitoring, Virtual Care and Care Team Collaboration.

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Commercial Payers

Zyter make it possible to improve care management quality and the value of patient services. By improving access across the health system, members will be able to easily navigate to the appropriate level of required care. Zyter seamlessly integrates with virtually any administrative and clinical system so you can maximize value and efficiency.

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Self-Insured Employers

Zyter helps you improve the quality of care while at the same time improving the care experience and outcomes for your employees. Tap into improved workflows and seamless collaboration to unlock new levels of efficiencies.

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Provider Practices

Serving patients at home improves their health, experience and satisfaction – just some of the reasons the next major care venue will be the home. From home health and remote monitoring solutions that span wearables to advanced monitoring, talk to Zyter about extending care beyond traditional clinical venues and increasing patient engagement.

Learn more about our products for Provider Practices including ZyterHome™, Home Health and Remote Monitoring and Virtual Care.

Accountable Care

Seamless collaboration is at the heart of any effective ACO. Data sharing and working together in a streamlined way ensures every patient gets the care they need in the most efficient way and obtains the best possible outcome. Zyter makes that happen starting day one.

Learn more about our products for ACOs including Home Health and Remote Monitoring and Virtual Care.

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Federal, State and
Local Agencies

Zyter can help all agencies modernize and improve service delivery by integrating technologies and enhancing coordination and collaboration. The result: better care quality for patients and higher satisfaction.

Learn more about our products for Federal, State and Local Agencies, including Payer Solutions and the Zyter Platform.