Smart Engagement

Leverage an advantageous 360-degree perspective of your ecosystem by integrating with Zyter. Gain unprecedented insight and drive efficient results for your enterprise.

Get Connected. Get Control.

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Leverage unique insight from your ecosystem’s interactions when you integrate your CRM with Zyter. Our holistic top-down analytics takes everything into account, from customer data to sales reports and leads, to give you an unparalleled advantage when it comes to customer relations.
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It’s never been easier to augment the academic experience than by integrating your learning management system with Zyter. Our platform’s contextual intelligence can streamline registration, schedules, and other administrative tasks as well as aid in enhancing engagement in education.
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Keep content management convenient by connecting your CMS to Zyter. Not only will you have easy access to any content, documentation, or media on your CMS, but you’ll also be able to push updates from Zyter to your CMS.
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Leverage surefire strategies for success by linking your online business with Zyter. Our platform gives you powerful insight into every facet of your operation. Encapsulate profit margins, customer relations, logistics, and workflows easily to optimize the organic growth of your eCommerce empire.
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Convenience and versatility are priceless. Keep engagement easy and interactions secure by integrating your enterprise transactions with our platform. We keep the payment process painless so you can get back to running your business
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Let us take care of the legwork. Between locations, scheduling, and transportation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t get bogged down by the burdens of logistics. Get your enterprise where it needs to go effortlessly with Zyter.
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Unprecedented improvement is just an interconnection away. Our platform makes integrated IoT intelligent by turning raw data into powerful, actionable insight. Put the Internet of Things to work for your enterprise by connecting it to Zyter.
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Proximity Sensing

Use our proximity sensing integration to bring context to your environment. Beacon technology and RFID-based sensors allow your organization to deliver intuitive engagement based on geo-targeted events, marketing data, workflows, notifications, and more.
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Enterprise Applications

Connecting every facet of your enterprise makes your organization stronger than the sum of its parts. Our industry-agnostic platform elegantly integrates with your devices and applications to distill actionable insights and deliver substantial results.
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Back Office Application

Ensure all business matters are in order by connecting your back-office ecosystem to Zyter. Our all-in-one platform allows you to control every facet, from accounting and HR to payroll and expenses, through our versatile bi-directional data exchange capabilities.
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Indoor Navigation

Simplify directions and ensure visitors never get lost in your organization by implementing interactive maps with our localization technology. You’ll always know where guests are, and they’ll always know where they need to go.
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Catalyze collaboration and improve productivity with our workflow customization. With a combination of social IoT, application integration, and automated custom functions, it’s never been easier to bring your team together to deliver unprecedented impact.
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Personalized UI

Transform your enterprise engagement experience into an engine of innovation and productivity with our personalized, industry-agnostic UI integration. Customize every aspect of your communication so that your company culture shines through.
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Open APIs

Refine your enterprise’s representation and reputation with our open APIs. Drive optimized results with dynamic functional and aesthetic customization capabilities that build your brand and optimize your enterprise.


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Context-Aware Intelligence

If knowledge is power, then our integrated context-aware intelligence will give you an unparalleled advantage in your industry. Zyter can fine-tune every facet of your organization, from decision-making to market share growth. With both big data and the finer nuances analyzed, our platform drives optimized improvements that allow your organization to flourish.
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Context-Aware Communication

Ecosystem integration gives context to conversation so you can cut through the noise and ensure your key takeaways are the ingredients you need to grow your enterprise. Get the right recipe for success with our context-aware communication capabilities and custom commands.
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Passive Metering & Behavioral Data

Our platform’s passive metering allows you to tap into your data and see the big picture for your organization without disturbing your ecosystem. Zyter analyzes the raw behavioral data from your enterprise to gain an intuitive understanding that helps you refine interaction, collaboration, and innovation.
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360º Views

Sometimes, the only inspiration you need for innovation is a fresh perspective. Our platform’s advantageous vantage point allows you to observe every aspect of your enterprise up-close and from far away. Get an idea of where your company needs to go with our unique vision.

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