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Comprehensive Remote Patient Care and Home Health

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is at the forefront of digital healthcare. From helping ensure the consistent delivery of quality post-acute care and reducing the number of hospital readmissions to monitoring patients who can manage their chronic conditions at home, RPM is gaining popularity.

One survey showed 88% of providers have invested or are evaluating investments in RPM technologies to support high-risk chronically ill patients. But it’s not just healthcare organizations and physicians showing interest. According to the Consumer Technology Association, 52% of consumers indicated they would use a connected health device if it was recommended by a physician.

Whether your healthcare enterprise already uses a basic RPM solution or lacks the mobile resources and integrated systems to enable reliable remote data sharing, Zyter can help. We offer a complete remote care management approach that offers continuous monitoring coupled with electronic health record (EHR) integration and secure collaborative communication between patients and physicians.

Multiple RPM Devices to Choose From

Zyter offers a comprehensive, integrated and easy-to-use suite of RPM tools that work with existing systems and clinical workflows, or independently:


Driving the Future of Digital Health

Zyter makes remote patient monitoring easy, efficient, and secure for physicians and patients alike with a number of powerful capabilities:

  • EHR Integration and Secure Collaboration Platform – Zyter RPM integrates seamlessly with any hospital EHR system and its context-aware capability lets physicians securely access and share a patient’s health history, medication list, test results and more during a secure virtual visit. Additionally, Zyter’s secure collaboration platform enables care teams to communicate via video, chat, voice and text to instantly access the right clinician for consultations and the most upto-date patient data. As a result, hospitals can enhance the quality and safety of remote patient care while streamlining efficiency for the clinical staff.
  • Integrated Telehealth Services – Without exiting the Zyter RPM dashboard, physicians can book, view, and approve patient appointments. Most of all, they can initiate a virtual telehealth patient encounter directly from the dashboard anytime they need to intervene if a patient’s physiological data is reported to be out of the recommended range. Provider-to-provider and assigned provider-to-patient communication is possible through the secure chat telehealth features of the patient-facing application integrated with Zyter RPM.
  • Intuitive Dashboard with Customizable Alerts – The Zyter RPM Dashboard enables the monitoring of multiple patients easy, accessible and manageable with the click of an information tab for each patient. All physiological patient data, plus alerts and notifications from each RPM device is sent to the dashboard in near real-time for physician review, as well as intervention via a telehealth virtual visit if a patient’s readings are out of the normal range. Physicians can also configure alerts for custom parameters of device readings for individual patients. Zyter RPM devices also send alerts to the physician dashboard, and a reminder to the patient’s Zyter RPM app, if a device has been dormant for a pre-determined amount of time.
RPM Dashboard

Get a global view of patients and drill down for more details through the RPM dashboard.

Physicians can set a Zyter RPM alert based on any patient device reading that is out of range. Depending on the device(s) the patient receives, alert ranges can be set to measure the following values:

  • BP (Systolic), mmHg
  • BP (Diastolic), mmHg
  • Pulse Oximeter, % Sp02
  • Temperature, F° or C°
  • Weight Scale, lbs
  • Blood Glucose, mmoI/L
  • Asynchronous “Store & Forward” Telemedicine – Asynchronous messaging is already integrated with Zyter RPM, so hospitals can eliminate the complexity and cost of adding a third-party “store & forward” solution. Patients use the patient-facing Zyter RPM app to send messages and images related to a non-emergent health concern to their physician’s office through a secure portal. There, the information is stored on the secure Zyter RPM platform until a nurse or care team member retrieves it and forwards it to the physician.
  • Smart Exams and Triage – Without leaving home, patients are able to take a self-exam by following provided guidelines. At completion, the patient can request a virtual visit and have the smart exam result sent to their physician.

Patients can easily monitor their health using the Zyter HealthConnnect RPM mobile app.

  • Zyter RPM Patient-Facing App – Zyter RPM makes it easy for patients to monitor and participate in managing their conditions using a robust mobile app already installed on a pre-configured tablet provided by Zyter. The Home dashboard displays the most recent value and date of each device reading, as well as data from personal wireless iHealth devices, such as an Apple Watch. Patients can also select the “Take a Health Exam” or “Schedule a Visit” screens to request and manage telehealth visits. If desired, patients can initiate a secure chat with their assigned physician. If the healthcare organization’s EHR is integrated with Zyter, visit summaries, medication lists, health conditions, allergies, and more can be made available in the app for comprehensive view of the patient’s healthcare experience. Zyter Remote Patient Monitoring leverages the company’s ZyterHealth digital healthcare platform which is HIPAA, FedRAMP and FISMA compliant with Authority to Operate (ATO) at U.S. Department of Defense.

How Zyter RPM Works

Zyter ships a pre-configured wireless device to the patient’s home after the patient enrolls in Zyter RPM and signs an electronic or written consent form. Outfitted with a simple on/ off button, the medical devices are easy to use for patients of all ages, and no technical knowledge is required. Because the devices are LTE-enabled, there is no need to connect them to Wi-Fi. All the patient has to do is turn on the Zyter device and follow the simple instructions in the user guide.

The Zyter RPM dashboard can be accessed by physicians from any web browser. Patient data captured from each device is seamlessly transmitted to the dashboard for review and tracking.

RPM Dashboard
Easily order or remove RPM devices for each patient if their condition changes from within the dashboard

End-to-end support is provided by the Zyter Operations Center, which assists with training physicians and care team members to use the dashboard, as well as helping patients with any issues using the device. Zyter offers an optional patient support service that is included with the Zyter RPM implementation, however hospitals must opt in to use it.

Benefits to Healthcare Enterprises

  • Lower post-discharge mortality rates
  • Reduces the number of post-surgical readmissions
  • Ensures the well-being of post-surgical patients recovering at home
  • Requires fewer in-hospital staff to monitor multiple patients
  • Integration with the patient’s EHR makes digital care more efficient
  • Fewer lab and diagnostic tests

Benefits to the Patient

  • Higher patient and family satisfaction with quality of at-home care
  • Less caregiver stress and better functional outcomes
  • Family members can actively participate in patient care
  • Lower average length of stay
  • Cost savings of 19% to 30% compared to traditional inpatient care
  • No network pairing or configuration of RPM devices is required by the patient

RPM and Care Management

In 2021, Zyter acquired Casenet, LLC. The comprehensive Casenet TruCare™ population health management solution bridges the gap between clinical and care management systems. This makes it easier and more efficient for care teams to identify opportunities to coordinate and enhance patient care.

Integration of Casenet TruCare™ care management with ZyterHealth, the company’s digital health platform, provides both physicians and care coordinators with access to physiological patient data as well as the care management or “social” data to cover all aspects of patient recovery. As a result, physicians can make more informed care decisions faster – and care coordinators can alert physicians to non-clinical patient issues – by having a global view of the patient on a single platform. It all adds up to better healthcare for the patient, reduced healthcare costs for patients and payers, and cost efficiencies for physicians in a value-based healthcare arrangement.


Raise the Bar of Remote Patient Care with Zyter Remote Patient Monitoring

Whether your patients need continuous monitoring to bring the hospital to the home or proactive monitoring to support patients post-discharge, Zyter Remote Patient Monitoring with its integrated telehealth component offers the most complete remote care management solution for healthcare enterprises.

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