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Zyter Wins Four CEO World Awards

Sep 8, 2020

Zyter SmartSpaces™ Wins Gold in Startup of the Year (Technology Software) Category

The results are in and Zyter won four awards in the eighth annual CEO World Awards competition, part of the SVUS (Silicon Valley U.S.) Awards® recognition program. This annual program recognizes individuals and teams who set industry benchmarks for excellence. All organizations private or public, corporations, nonprofits, associations, vendors and government organizations worldwide and from every industry are eligible to participate.

Zyter Wins Four CEO World Awards

Two Solutions, Four Awards

Zyter’s four CEO World Awards include:

  • Gold Winner: Startup of the Year
    (Technology Hardware), Zyter SmartSpaces™
  • Bronze Winner: Startup of the Year
    (Technology Hardware), Zyter ThermalAlert™
  • Bronze Winner: Startup of the Year
    (Technology Software), Zyter SmartSpaces
  • Bronze Winner: Startup of the Year
    (Technology Software), Zyter ThermalAlert

Create a Safer Workplace with Zyter ThermalAlert

Over the last few months, nothing has been more critical than getting people back to work safely, especially frontline healthcare and essential works. While some organizations have adopting temperature screening prior to entry, one-on-one manual scanning not only increases the risk of exposure, but is all intrusive and very slow, leading to long lines, frustration and lost work time. Zyter ThermalAlert solves all of this issues and being adopted by many proactive healthcare and retail organizations to keep their staff safe and businesses open.

Zyter ThermalAlert is a dual-spectrum, thermal imaging solution that delivers continuous, real-time, non-contact temperature monitoring. It is able to measure the body temperature (between 86 – 113 degrees Fahrenheit) of individuals within the temperature detection zone from a distance of up to 6 feet.

Persons are screened with the Zyter ThermalAlert system as they walk through a building entrance, board a mass transportation vehicle such as a school bus, or drive into a parking lot. With a detection time of less than one second and accuracy of ≤ ± 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the Zyter thermal camera sends smart alerts instantly to monitors at the entrance. If one or more persons are identified by the system as having an elevated body temperature, they can be redirected by security personnel or an administrator for additional screening.

Better Management, Efficiencies and Experiences with Zyter SmartSpaces

Whether it’s a small campus, a mid-size enterprise or a large city, modern spaces are already using sensors and devices to monitor everything from lights and parking to air quality and waste management. Unfortunately, not all systems are integrated seamlessly, making it difficult to obtain a clear view of current events and conditions across the spectrum of solutions. What’s more, despite access to mountains of reported data, extracting actionable intelligence and insights for more informed decision making still remains a challenge for stakeholders.

Zyter SmartSpaces, a proven integration platform for intelligent Internet of Things (IoT), solves these challenges. Now it’s simple to consolidate disparate vertical solutions, technologies and data formats into a seamless, flexible IoT ecosystem that delivers insightful analytics and collective intelligence – all from one intuitive dashboard.

Trusted by Qualcomm® to be the foundation of its Smart Cities Accelerator Program, the Zyter SmartSpaces Platform breaks down silos by integrating and consolidating data from IoT devices and applications already deployed. The result: complete visibility of what is happening across an entire network of connected devices and sensors.

Smart Spaces can be deployed in countless environments in virtually any industry – spanning a single building or an entire city. This could include an airport or train station, a business or college campus, warehouses and distribution centers, and more.