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Remote Patient Monitoring Connects Doctors and Patients at Home

Mar 10, 2021

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology, which automatically collects and routes physiological data from the patient’s at-home medical device to the doctor’s office via a 4G cellular connection, has been a potential lifesaver for Americans with chronic illnesses. This new modality of remote patient care provides a safe and effective way to manage conditions such as hypertension and diabetes at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Deemed at higher risk for becoming seriously ill if they contract COVID-19, Medicare-age patients and persons with underlying medical conditions in particular need remote patient care because they’re advised to isolate at home and avoid crowded public areas. Traveling to and from frequent screening and monitoring appointments, and spending time in a healthcare clinic, could put them at greater risk. Fortunately, new and easy-to-use technology solutions for remote patient monitoring virtually connects these high-risk patients and their doctors anytime and anywhere.

The Increasing Need for Remote Patient Monitoring

The need for provider practices to extend care beyond the office visit with remote patient monitoring is becoming more critical in light of the increasing number of Americans with chronic illness, especially among the 65+ Medicare population. In addition, the risk of contracting COVID-19 prevails into 2021 even as vaccinations have begun. According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 34.2 million Americans, or 10.5% of the population, have diabetes, which requires strict daily monitoring of a patient’s glucose levels.1 Similar research on hypertension or high blood pressure, which also requires daily monitoring, indicates that hypertension was the primary or contributing factor to nearly a half million deaths of Americans in 2018.2 Remote patient care solutions can empower patients to more consistently manage and control these conditions at home – and because data is automatically and wirelessly sent from their devices to their physicians, remote patient monitoring is safer and more convenient than frequent office visits – especially in the age of COVID-19.

ZyterHome™ Makes Remote Patient Care Easy

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The ZyterHome™ remote patient monitoring solution makes it easy for providers to deliver remote patient care outside of the traditional office visit by actively managing, monitoring, and tracking patient health conditions without the patient having to come into the practice. Doctors can also initiate virtual video telehealth calls with patients from within ZyterHome

Remote Patient Care Benefits

  • Easy and More Convenient for Patients – ZyterHome’s patient-facing, pre-configured 4G-enabled devices for remote patient monitoring track and transmit a patient’s physiological data to the ZyterHome dashboard at the doctor’s office. No pairing or configuration is required by the patient, making it easy and convenient for anyone to use. To get started right out of the box, all the patient has to do is flip the “on” switch of the ZyterHome 4G device to automatically connect to the in-home medical device – either the BodyTrace blood pressure cuff and/or weight scale, and/ or the IGlucose glucometer. Patients easily manage their health in the convenience of their home with the confidence that their doctor always has a close eye on their condition.
  • Easy and More Efficient for Providers – ZyterHome for remote patient care can be implemented in a medical practice in just a few hours and can scale up to bring the eligible patient population on board within days. Doctors are alerted on the ZyterHome dashboard when specific data fall out of an acceptable clinical range – such as a surge or drop in glucose levels. Then the doctor can quickly intervene to address the issue, avoid a more serious situation, and improve the patient’s outcome. Doctors also analyze patient data and track remote patient monitoring-related increments of Medicare billable time on the ZyterHome dashboard. Zyter provides all technical support and troubleshooting so that providers can stay focused on patient care and running the practice more efficiently.

Remote patient monitoring with ZyterHome is at the forefront of this new paradigm of how providers deliver care – and gives Medicare-age and other patients with chronic illness the peace of mind that they can receive high quality remote patient care at home just as they would in the doctor’s office.

Learn more about remote patient monitoring with ZyterHome at www.zyter.com/ZyterHome

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