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Introducing Zyter Smart Construction

Sep 27, 2021

Building Smarter Worker Safety Practices with an IoT-Enabled Construction Site

On 21st century IoT-enabled construction sites, worker safety goes far beyond the typical hard hat and harness. In fact, tiny real-time location system (RTLS) sensors attached to workers’ personal protection equipment (PPE) have the potential to dramatically reduce on-site accidents and injuries more than ever before. That’s the revolutionary integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, RTLS sensors, AI cameras, and LiDAR 3D remote sensing at the core of Zyter Smart Construction™ – Zyter’s latest offering on the Zyter SmartSpaces™ IoT platform as we continue our collaboration with the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program and Qualcomm IoT Services Suite.

Catching Safety Breaches Before They Escalate

In Zyter’s live working demo, workers wear PPE with RTLS sensors attached that are monitored by AI computer vision cameras equipped with Qualcomm’s state-of-the-art AI chips. They’re aware that removing any article of their PPE while on-site will trigger an alert to a supervisor via the Zyter Smart Construction dashboard. The sensor will also alert if a worker enters an unauthorized area deemed unsafe on the construction site.

Because the RTLS sensors also show the worker’s real-time location on the site, supervisors can quickly locate the worker and investigate any safety breach before it escalates to worker injury. All data from the encounter is captured and analyzed in Zyter Smart Construction for future review. Supervisors can use this data in a positive way to identify workers who may need more training on safe working practices.

Seeing Through Walls with LiDAR

Beyond improving worker safety, Zyter Smart Construction is also revolutionizing construction site management with the integration of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) based 3D Digital Twin – a remote sensing method using pulsed laser waves to create a 3D replica of a building and its structural components, even those out of sight behind walls. For example, if construction managers notice an electrical problem on the site, it could take them several days searching through blueprints to even estimate the location of the faulty wiring. In addition, the time and labor required to make exploratory repairs can cause additional costly delays . Instead, construction manager can simply access a 3D LiDAR model on the Zyter dashboard that lets them virtually “see” of all electrical wiring, and more behind constructed walls. This makes it much easier to pinpoint the problem, fix it promptly, and keep the project on schedule.

And that’s not all. The LiDAR 3D Digital Twin replica even tells construction managers which model or part to order and from what source. Tiny IoT sensors are attached to utility parts and other components behind walls. When scanned with the LiDAR laser waves, these sensors transmit information such as part name, serial or model number, and vendor brand to the Zyter Smart Construction dashboard.

Management can also save time by using LiDAR 3D Digital Twin to perform automatic inspections throughout every phase of the construction to catch any wiring issues, for example, or wall or window measurements that aren’t compliant with code before those problems escalate and cause project delays. The “x-ray vision” of LiDAR revolutionizes construction processes by giving managers and workers the real-time information they need to make more accurate and timely decisions throughout every phase of the project. Plus, LiDAR scans can be saved, quickly retrieved, and referenced to help with any structural issues that might occur in the future.

When asked what she would say to someone unsure about using ZyterHome remote patient monitoring, Sheila says, “Just try it. ZyterHome is very easy to use and you’ll absolutely love it when you get the hang of it – and it only takes a nanosecond to get the hang of it. But if you’re ever unsure about how to use your devices, just call and talk to your ZyterHome contact at your physician’s office for help. I’m very happy with ZyterHome.”

Ready for the Future of IoT-Enabled Construction Sites

The introduction of Zyter Smart Construction is just the first step in getting construction companies up-to-speed with best practices for IoT technologies. Zyter’s SmartSpaces IoT platform is ready for the future as the need for additional IoT-enabled functions – such as asset tracking, equipment monitoring, and site navigation – grows in the construction industry.

For more information on Zyter’s loT smart solutions, visit www.zyter.com/iot/