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Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate
2020 Virtual Conference

December 9, 2020
Join us at the upcoming Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate 2020 Virtual Conference to hear about the latest innovations making the once futuristic smart cities and campuses a reality. And don’t miss the live demonstration that previews smart parking, smart transit, asset tracking, waste management and the application of digital twin technology to everyday connected spaces.
December 9 at 10:55 – 11:25 a.m. PT
AI-Driven, IoT-Powered, End-to-End Digital Transformation Solutions to Empower Smart Connected Spaces

Sanjeet PanditSr. Director, Head of Smart Cities, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. with Srini Samudrala, Vice President & Chief Architect, Infinite Technology Solutions.

What You’ll Learn:
Innovative AI-driven IoT applications using wireless technology are driving Digital Transformation in multiple verticals across cities and spaces by making them smarter, safer and ubiquitously connected. Qualcomm Technologies and Infinite discuss “IoT as a Service” and how using the Zyter SmartSpaces™ platform is enabling AI-driven, IoT-powered, end-to-end Digital Transformation solutions for rapid global deployment across multiple verticals to empower Smart Cities & Connected Spaces.
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